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Late fall and early winter trip planning: Meredith, N.H. in the winter, Christmas holiday events and celebrations, Lighting of Nubble Lighthouse, Shopping at the local general store, Warming up to historic, quaint restaurants

Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick, Maine
Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

by Eric Hurwitz. Page updated on Jan. 12, 2018.

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Welcome to New England! My name is Eric Hurwitz, editor and publisher of and my mission is to share with you information -- just like you were family -- from real people like us who have come to live in, or visit, New England. Through original articles, reviews and photo essays,as well as social media resources, and hotel reservations resources with more than 3,000 area hotels, we offer you virtually everything you need to plan your New England vacation.

Ultimately, we present to you New England vacation information straight-from-the-heart, based on our travel experiences. We feel that is the most powerful way to let prospective travelers and New Englanders looking for New England travel ideas to learn about this beautiful six state region. Here, you can tour Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, en route to planning your New England vacation. In addition to, I have also created a blog that focuses on how you can travel cheaply in New England, and a comprehensive page on the 41 best family travel attractions in New England!

Want to get in a New England state-of-mind instantly? Then be sure to sample some of the local cuisine. For starters, you can't go wrong with New England clam chowder, fried clams, lobsters, lobster rolls, hot wieners and coffee milk (a Rhode Island specialty), Maine whoopie pies, apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream, salt water taffy, baked beans and blueberry muffins. General food destinations like lobster pounds, restaurants specializing in seafood, classic diners (New England is its birthplace), traditional and historic restaurants and unique places like the Ben and Jerry's Factory Ice Cream Tour in Waterbury, Vt.,
Napper Tandy's Ad, Walpole MA help give New England even more of a one-a-kind food culinary experience.

How about a travel foundation for your New England vacation? You can head "Down East," north east to Maine (this takes a little explaining but trust me, just go with it) and its spectacular ocean-meets-mountains Acadia National Park and lighthouses, out west to the scenic Berkshires of Western Massachusetts with all its beautiful quaint towns and plenty of culture, east to the great City of Boston neighborhoods, up north to the family-friendly wonderlands called the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Stowe, Vt., or down south to famous Cape Cod, America's hometown of Plymouth, Mass. (where the pilgrims landed), and Newport, R.I., with all its mansions, coastal scenery and a vibrant downtown. Just don't stop at those destinations, though: New England offers so many other great cities, towns, villages and regions, as well as grand hotels and memorable family resorts, that might provide an even better travel experience for you. And don't forget about historic, charming Concord, Massachusetts, one of the most well preserved towns in New England, where along with Lexington, the birthplace of our nation really all began. We also feature 40 reasons to visit Lexington and Concord. Check it all out on my site, and then decide!

I personally love the hidden small towns like Pawtuxet Village and off-the-beaten-path travel attraction gems that many people have never heard of. Please promise to just keep it a secret between you and me, though!  I think you will also love the rural, nostalgic country stores with their pot-bellied stoves, antiques, regional foods, soaps, candles, toys, books, pickle barrels, penny candy, homemade fudge and hard-to-find, trip-back-in-time items. Also, don't forget the offbeat side of New England travel, including a castle in Connecticut, a wolf sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and the Leaning Tower of Pizza in Saugus, Massachusetts.

And of course, it's never too early to start trip planning for your New England fall vacation. Many consider autumn in New England the best season of the year to travel, given the spectacular fall leaf colors, the refreshing chill in the air, apple picking farms, festivals and fairs, and scenic road trips. The same can be said for Christmas in New England with its unique, festive holiday celebrations sure to get you in the spirit.

And now that it's virtually summer vacation time in New England, you can choose so many great beaches like
Horseneck Beach and beach towns for instant, amazing coastal memories. My personal favorite beach town: York Beach, Maine. There's really something to do for everyone in York Beach, and I don't mean that as a tourism catch phrase -- nothing here is, as I write straight from the heart instead of straight from the marketing department. While on the Maine coast, Kennebunkport also please with its beautiful ocean views, beaches, seafood restaurants and shopping in quaint Dock Square.

Additionally, those who families that fall in love with the Boston area might want to read where to raise a family affordably in the Boston suburbs. That's when travel translates to moving here! Also, here's something you will almost never see on a New England travel site: a dedication to writing about hard-working, outstanding local small businesses (see below on this page, starting at the Snowdon Inn) and a passion reminiscing about nostalgic Boston memories and New England restaurants that are no longer with us.

Additionally, I am a huge proponent of small businesses in New England, recognizing the traditional, vital role they play in our society. Although these pages are sponsored, I only write about businesses I feel a connection to as they offer a great experience for customers while showing strong pride of ownership.

I have written about the joys of New England travel for hundreds of millions of visitors on VisitingNewEngland through the years, as well as having
been referenced by major sites like USA Today, Woman's World, the Maine Office of Tourism,, and I was recently interviewed for a Massachusetts Town Greens segment on WCVB-TV Boston's Chronicle. I am also the author of two books, Massachusetts Town Greens and The Best Diners in New England.  Without a doubt, my greatest career highlight is continuously helping you travel New England.

Eric at VisitingNewEngland.comSo relax, take in the breathtaking imagery of the New England vacation and travel essays, and ultimately picture yourself in the wonderful environs of New England. May this online guide serve as the next best thing to being in New England, and inspire you to visit a truly spectacular region. Thank-you so much for coming to my small, locally-based business with a big heart, and enjoy visiting New England!

Best regards,
Eric at

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I love these small businesses and greatly believe in what they do. That is why I wrote about them.  Now is more important than ever to tell the story on small businesses in America, and, specifically here, on New England small businesses. If you feel that your local, small business would be of interest to travelers in New England, please write to us. While we have a very selective process (only businesses I feel a connection to so I can write authentically and truthfully for our readers), I would love to hear your story and why your business is special!  It's a win-win: I get to write about great small businesses and share it amongst our significant social media audience, while you help support my small business.

Pickity Place in Mason NH features a five-course lunch, gift shop, gardens and a cozy red cottage that is the inspiration for the 1948 version of Little Red Riding Hood.
Pickity Place, Mason, New Hampshire

Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, Mass.
Bull Run Restaurant, Shirley, Massachusetts

CabbyShack New England clam chowder
CabbyShack, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Knead Doughnuts, Providence, R.I.
KNEAD Doughnuts, Providence, R.I.

Carlins, Ayer, Massachusetts
Carlins, Ayer, Massachusetts

Snowdon Chalet, Londonderry, Vermont 
Snowdon Chalet, Londonderry, Vermont 

Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Massachusetts
Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Wicked Whoopies, Freeport, Maine
Wicked Whoopies, Freeport, Maine

Lobster roll on a buttered roll from Quahog Republic Captain's Den in Plymouth, mass.
Quahog Republic Captain's Den, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Nashoba Restaurant, Ayer, Massachusetts
Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant, Ayer, Massachusetts

The quaint UxLocale restaurant in Uxbridge, Mass.
The UXLocale Restaurant, Uxbridge, Massachusetts

From the Heart of Ayer Gift Shop, Ayer, Mass.
From the Heart of Ayer Gift Shop, Ayer, Massachusetts

Connie's Rustic Kitchen and Tavern in Wrenham, Mass.
Connie's Rustic Kitchen and Tavern, Wrentham, Massachusetts

The Crafty Yankee Gift Shop, Leington, Mass.
Crafty Yankee, Lexington, Massachusetts

B.T.'s Smokehouse BBQ restaurant in Sturbridge, Massachusetts
B.T.'s Smokehouse, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

A mouthwatering burger from The Abbey in Providence, Rhode Island.
The Abbey, Providence, Rhode Island

Barretts Alehouse in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
Barrett's Alehouse, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Clyde's, Walpole, Massachusetts
Clyde's, Walpole, Massachusetts

Steaming Tender Restaurant, Palmer MA
Steaming Tender Restaurant, Palmer, Massachusetts

Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth NH
Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Kihei Dynasty pu pu platter, Walpole MA
Kihei Dynasty, Walpole, Massachusetts

Vanilla Bean Cafe, Pomfret CT
Vanillia Bean Cafe, Pomfret, Connecticut

Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon MA
Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon, Massachusetts

Star Drive In, Taunton, Massachusetts
Star Drive-In, Taunton, Massachusetts

Jimmy's Pizzeria, East Walpole MA
Jimmy's Pizzeria, East Walpole, Massachusetts

Rico's BJ Wrap  from Rico's Pizzeria in Walpole MA
Rico's Pizzeria, Walpole, Massachusetts

Commonwealth BBQ drive-in restaurant, Wrentham MA
Commonwealth BBQ, Wrentham, Massachusetts

Bliss Restaurant, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Bliss Restaurant, Attleboro, Massachusetts

Putnam, Connecticut
Putnam, Connecticut

Club sandwich from Kravings in Millis MA
Kravings Grille and Ice Cream in Millis, Massachusetts

Good Food Store, Walpole MA
Good Food Store & Deli, Walpole, Massachusetts

Route 109 Travel Guide for Westwood, Medfield, Millis, and Medway
Park Street Books, Medfield, Massachusetts

Patriot Tavern, Walpole MA
Patriot Tavern, Walpole, Massachusetts

Juice Mill, Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Juice Mill, Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Cherry pie from Ever So Humble Pie Company, Walpole MA
Ever So Humble Pie Company, Walpole, Massachusetts

Planet Chrysler Jepp Dodge Ram in Franklin MA
Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Franklin, Massachusetts

Norwood Farmers Market, Norwood MA
Norwood Farmers Market, Norwood, Massachusetts (SEASONAL)

Winsmith MILL Market for antiques and sshabby chic shoppers in Norwood, Massachusetts.
Winsmith MILL Market (antiques, shabby chic shopping) in Norwood, Massachusetts

Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk, Mass.
Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Al Mac's Diner, Fall River, Massachusetts
Al Mac's Diner Fall River, Massachusetts

Bluberry Muffin from the Muffin House Cafe in MEdway MA
Muffin House Cafe, Medway, Massachusetts

The Kayak Centre in Wickford Village, Rhode Island
The Kayak Centre, Wickford Village Rhode Island

Little Falls Bakery and Cafe, Pawtuxet Village RI
Little Falls Bakery and Cafe, Pawtuxet Village, R.I.

Walpole Farmers Market, Walpole, Massachusetts
Walpole Farmers Market, Walpole, Massachusetts

Napper Tandy's in Millis, Massachusetts
Napper Tandy's, Millis, Massachusetts

Ye Olde Tavern, West Brookfield, Massachusetts
Ye Olde Tavern, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Abbott's Frozen Custard in Needham, Mass.
Abbott's Frozen Custard in Needham, Massachusetts

C&L Frosty in Sherborn, Massachusetts
C&L Frosty in Sherborn, Massachusetts

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