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Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick, Maine
Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

by Eric Hurwitz. Page updated on March 27, 2020.

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Welcome to New England! My name is Eric Hurwitz, editor and publisher of and my mission is to share with you information -- just like you were family -- from real people like us who have come to live in, or visit, New England. Through original articles, reviews and photo essays, as well as social media resources, and hotel reservations resources, we offer you virtually everything you need to plan your New England vacation.

Ultimately, we present to you New England vacation information straight-from-the-heart, based on our travel experiences. We feel that is the most powerful way to let prospective travelers and New Englanders looking for New England travel ideas to learn about this beautiful six-state region. Here, you can tour Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, en route to planning your New England vacation or day trips.
Additionally, I am a huge proponent of small businesses in New England, recognizing the traditional, vital role they play in our society. I only write about businesses I feel a connection to as they offer a great experience for customers while showing strong pride of ownership.

I have written about the joys of family-friendly New England travel for millions of visitors on VisitingNewEngland through the years, as well as having
been referenced by major sites like USA Today, Woman's World, the Maine Office of Tourism,, and I am the author of Massachusetts Town Greens -- a book that celebrates the history of locals town commons-- and was interviewed for a segment on town greens on WCVB-TV Boston's Chronicle. Without a doubt, my greatest career highlight is continuously helping you travel New England.

Eric at VisitingNewEngland.comSo relax, take in the breathtaking imagery of the New England vacation and travel essays, and ultimately picture yourself in the wonderful environs of New England. May this online guide serve as the next best thing to being in New England, and inspire you to visit a truly spectacular region. Thank-you so much for coming to my small, locally-based business with a big heart, and enjoy visiting New England!

Best regards,
Eric Hurwitz at VisitingNewEngland

What Makes Visiting New England So Special?

A Sampling of Essential, Bucket List New England Travel Ideas

Quaint, Historic Small Towns Downtown Concord, Massachusetts
I live in a small New England town and love the historic buildings, big Colonial homes, the church with tall white steeple, quaint downtown, open green spaces, tree-shaded streets, friendly people, big sky and slower pace of life. It is well-known that New England features some of the most charming small towns in the United States, but what does that really mean?  In my stories, I take you to some of these special places, as if you were actually there -- that is, to bring you into the special vibe of these small towns. Whether located by the coast, mountains or other inland locations, small New England towns truly provide the perfect setting to gain sustenance and meaning out of your New England travel. Sample Stories: Small New England Towns That Would Look Great in a Hallmark Movie, Wickford Village, R.I. and West Brookfield, Mass., Warren, R.I., Concord, Mass., Peterborough, N.H.,
Stowe, Vt., Lee Mass., Walpole, Mass.

Country and General Stores
Vermont Country Store, Weston VT As essential bucket list New England travel destinations, country stores -- also known as general stores -- sell a little bit of everything, and then some, in charming, historic settings. Some like the Vermont Country Store in Weston, Vt., feature more than 5,000 items (many, hard-to-find merchandise), while gems like Brown & Hopkins in Chepachet, R.I., are jam-packed with country wares, home furnishings, clothing and penny candy into smaller settings. At VisitingNewEngland, I write about many of the best country stores in New England -- places where you feel like you've gone back in time, creaky wooden floors, pickle barrels and all! Recommended reading: The Best Country Stores in New England

Classic, Old-Fashioned Diners
Find the best diners in New England.New England is where it all began for diners (1872) and to this day, you can find many classic, old-fashioned dining cars in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. I rediscovered diners when writing my book, Massachusetts Town Greens, as a way to eat cheaply while becoming better aquainted with small towns and cities. Some are famous like the Red Arrow Diner, Joe's Diner and Maine Diner while others, like Cindy's Diner and Miss Lyndonville Diner, are better known locally, but just as good. The no-frills "What do you want honey?" service, the jukebox, neon and chrome, and comfort food meals serve as authentic slices of Americana.  Recommended reading: The 50 Best Diners in New England

New England Seafood Restaurants and Shacks Recommended seafood restaurants in New England
What better way to eat seafood than having fish delivered straight from the boat to the restaurant? New England is known for its fishing industry and that means some of the freshest tasting seafood imagineable. My local favorite meals: lobster, lobster rolls, fried clams, New England clam chowder, clam cakes, and any kind of haddock. I love waterfront dining in coastal towns like Plymouth and Kennebunkport and regions like Cape Cod, but some of the inland seafood destinations offer meals just as good as their waterfront counterparts (although not with the views). Whatever the case, New England is where locals and travelers come for some incredible seafood. Recommended Reading: The Best Seafood Restaurants and Shacks in New England,
Biggest and Best Lobster Rolls in New England, Best Fried Clams in the Boston area, Warren's Lobster House, Kittery, Maine

Blueberry muffin from The Muffin House in Medway, mass.More Regional Food Favorites
Every region in the United States has traditionally beloved foods, but I believe that New England has the very best!  Going beyond the aforementioned seafood, there's also long-time favorites like
hot wieners and coffee milk (a Rhode Island specialty), Maine whoopie pies, apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream, salt water taffy, Boston baked beans and blueberry muffins. And don't forget the legendary Ben and Jerry's Factory Ice Cream Tour in Waterbury, Vt., where you can also taste free samples!

Coastal Beach Towns
Short Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine If I had to choose one coastal destination, York Beach, Maine would be my choice. The feeling of sand, surf, seafood, amusements, homemade ice cream, local salt water taffy candy, seaside lodging, Nubble Lighthouse (more on that shortly) and the rocky coast helps create those memorable, seemingly endless summer days by the sea -- the precious moments you remember long into the cold of winter. There's nothing quite like the feeling of Short Sands Beach or Long Sands Beach in York Beach -- the former located by all downtown activities, the latter a two-mile stretch of beautiful beach! York Beach is great as a day trip, a weekend getaway or as an extended summer vacation destination. Read about York Beach More Coastal Towns to Discover: Kennebunkport, Maine, Chatham, Mass. (Cape Cod), Plymouth, Mass., Newport, R.I., Salem Mass.

Back Roads and Hidden Destinations

Discover hidden New England family travel destinationsWe all know about Plymouth Rock, the Gloucester Fisherman, Cape Cod and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but what about the hidden, or off-the-beaten path side of New England? Sometimes, the greatest travel discoveries can be made by taking the road less taken. The typical New England travel guide often misses the nuances, the under-the-radar places, and the underrated destinations that locals know make New England so special. Sample Articles: 6 Underrated Southern New England Travel DestinationsOffbeat New England Travel Attractions, Hidden New England Travel, Parker's Maple Barn in Mason, N.H., Walpole, N.H., Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, R.I., Wolf Hollow Sanctuary in Ipswich, Mass.

Historic Town Greens
Discover the most historic and beautiful town greens in Massachusetts I recently wrote a book, Massachusetts Town Greens (Globe Pequot, May 2016). Often dating back to Colonial Times, these town greens -- also known as town commons -- possess incredible historic value, as well as modern day relevance with, often, park-like settings, community events and observances, beautiful green spaces with benches, walkways, monuments and surrounding historic sites and structures to help you soak in the beauty of New England. I traveled six months to write about 70 of the most beautiful, historic town greens in New England and the experience was just amazing -- even for a lifelong New Englander like me! Taking in the incredible ambiance at these town commons lends itself to experiencing the "real New England." More on Massachusetts Town Greens

Acadia National Park, Maine

Cadillac Mountain during the day at Acadia National Park, Maine Imagine a place where the mountains meet the sea. That is Acadia National Park.  The 26-mile Acadia Loop Road affords some of the most spectacular coastal views on the east coast. Additionally, Cadillac Mountain provides spectacular sunrises and sunsets, while Jordan Pond -- with its scenic hills and crystal clear waters -- is located next to Jordan Pond House which is famous for its popovers. Nearby Bar Harbor offers one of the most pretty small town settings by the coast with plenty of shops and restaurants, while small communities like Northeast Harbor epitomize the small, quaint, picture-perfect coastal communities that look like something out of a movie. I spent many late spring childhood weekend vacations here and it still never gets old. The experience is simply awe-inspiring for those who love scenic drives and walks, and hiking and biking with plenty of backroads and carriage trails. Recommended Reading: Spectacular Scenery at Acadia National Park's Loop Road

Fall Foliage Travel
Fall Foliage in New England
Many say that fall is the best time to visit New England, and I agree. The colored leaves, chill in the air, fall festivals in small towns, and some apple cider and donuts make for a very special time, indeed. New Hampshire and Vermont seem to get all the accolodes for the foliage season -- and deservedly so -- but the truth is that every state in New England offers wonderful fall foliage. Additionally, areas like Cape Cod, Rhode Island and Mystic, Conn., quiet down from the summer -- all the much nicer to enjoy the foliage and beautiful southern New England destinations! Recommended reading:
The Best Fall Foliage Destinations in New England, The Best Apple Picking Farms,

New England Icons
Motif #1 red building in Rockport, Mass. Some places simply have New England written all over it like the Swan Boats of Boston, Motif #1 in Rockport Mass. (pictured to the left), Old North Bridge in Concord, Mass., Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine, The Goldenrod in York Beach, Maine, the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine, The Cliff Walk in Newport, R.I., The Big E State Fair in West Springfield, Mass., Historic Colonial Massachusetts Restaurants, Kimball Farm in Westford, Mass. and other Classic Ice Cream Stands.

The Maine Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, MaineNew England proudly displays around 200 lighthouses, which represent part of the fabric that makes scenic, local coastal travel so special. Each lighthouse looks different from one another with, often, intricate designs and  remarkable durability. There's nothing quite like seeing that red beacon flashing on and off, the smell of the salt sea air, and waves crashing against the rocks. Most lighthouses deserve an extended look, but if I had to go with one, it would be Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick, Maine. The good news, too, about Nubble Lighthouse is that you don't have to travel too far up the Maine coast to enjoy the splendid views! Read about Nubble Lighthouse

Boston, "The Hub of the Universe"

Tour the Boston neighborhoodsThere is no other city like Boston. The historical preservation, the neighborhoods, the attractions, the thick BostonNapper Tandy's Ad, Walpole MA accents and crazy traffic patterns create this one-of-a-kind urban experience. It's a relatively small city with a coastal location, making for a walkable experience. Whether Fenway Park, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Freedom Trail, Boston Public Garden or all those wonderful museums, I don't think any New England vacation would be complete without a trip to Boston. It is after all, know as "The Hub of the Universe!" Recommended reading: Boston Travel and Vacation Guide, Touring Boston's Neighborhoods, The Boston Public Garden, Faneuil Hall and Fenway Park. Additionally, those who families that fall in love with the Boston area might want to read where to raise a family affordably in the Boston suburbs. That's when travel translates to moving here!

Regions of New England

Chatham, Cape Cod MassachusettsNew England is geographically so compact that travelers can often drive from one region to another within one day. That includes the classic summer coastal vacation environs of Cape Cod and the Islands, the charming small towns and ample cultural opportunities in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, the ruggged, tall mountains and family attractions in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Southern Maine coast, Green Mountains of Vermont and the solitude of the "Quiet Corner of Connecticut." Try to see them all! More recommended reading: The Best Regions, Towns, Cities, and Villages in New England, Scenic New England Drives, Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend Summer Vacation Travel in New England 

I also love reminiscing about nostalgic Boston memories, New England restaurants that are no longer with us and, well, more New England restaurants that are no longer with us. Some of those old school places, however, are still with us, thank goodness, like the 8 retro road trip wonders of Massachusetts and 5 Classic American roadside food stands and drive-ins in Massachusetts. Sponsors - Supporting the Great Mom and Pop Businesses of New England
Here's something you will never see on a New England travel blog: a dedicated section with stories on small businesses in New England! I love these small businesses and greatly believe in what they do. That is why I wrote about them.  Now is more important than ever to tell the story on small businesses in America, and, specifically here, on New England small businesses. If you feel that your local, small business would be of interest to travelers in New England, please write to us. While we have a very selective process (only businesses I feel a connection to so I can write authentically and truthfully for our readers), I would love to hear your story and why your business is special!  It's a win-win: I get to write about great small businesses and share it amongst our significant social media audience, while you help support my small business.

Pickity Place in Mason NH features a five-course lunch, gift shop, gardens and a cozy red cottage that is the inspiration for the 1948 version of Little Red Riding Hood.
Pickity Place, Mason, New Hampshire

Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, Mass.
Bull Run Restaurant, Shirley, Massachusetts

Lenny, at Len Libby Candies in Scarborough, Maine, is the world's only life-size chocolate moose.
Len Libby Candies, Scarborough, Maine

Jo's American Bistro in Newport, R.I.
Jo's American Bistro, Newport, Rhode Island

Jonathan's Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine is a local dining out landmark dating back to 1976 and specializing in locally-sourced food.
Jonathan's Restaurant, Ogunquit, Maine

Classic bar pizza from CRISP in Walpole, MA
CRISP, Walpole, Massachusetts (South Shore Bar Pizza)

DiMillo's restaurant, Portland, Maine
DiMillo's on The Water, Portland, Maine

Red Apple Farm is a fourth generation family farm in Phillipston, MA
Red Apple Farm, Phillipston, Massachusetts

Dining room at the Newburyport Lighthouse in Newburyport, Mass.
Dining Room at the Newburyport Lighthouse, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Huge breakfast sandwich from CRACK'D Kitchen and Coffee in Andover, MA
CRACK'D Kitchen & Coffee, Andover, Massachusetts

The Common Man Roadside at the New Hampshire Welcome Center in Hooksett, N.H/
The Common Man Roadside, Hooksett, New Hampshire

Millis Clicquot Coffee offers a touch of New York City ambiance in one of the smallest suburban Boston towns.
Clicquot Millis Coffee, Millis Massachusetts

Watson's Candies in Walpole, Mass., features homemade chocolates and fudge from old family recipes
Watson's Candies, Walpole, Massachusetts

Beyond Full restaurant is located in Hopedale Town Hall in Hopedale, Mass.
Beyond Full at Hopedale Town Hall, Hopedale, Massachusetts

Dining in a snug at Father's Kitchen and Taphouse in East Sandwich, Mass.
Father's Kitchen and Taphouse, East Sandwich, Massachusetts

The Coast Guard House in Narragansett, R.I., features locally harvested seafood and incredible water views.
Coast Guard House, Narragansett, Rhode Island

CJ's Great West Grill in Manchester, N.H., serves made-from-scratch food inspired by diverse American cuisines,
CJ's Great West Grill, Manchester, New Hampshire

Jake's in Northampton, Mass., and Jake's at the Mill in North Amherst, Mass. features locally sourced foods for breakfast and lunch.
Jake's in Northampton, Jake's at the Mill in North Amherst, Massachusetts

Thwaites Market, Methuen, Mass.
Thwaites Market, Methuen, Massachusetts

Cheesy Street Grill, located on the Massachusetts Turnpike at the Westborough and Natick Service Plazas, specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and hearty tomato bisque.
Cheesy Street Grill, Westborough, Natick Service Plazas -- Massachusetts Turnpike

Oliva's Market, Milford, Mass.
Oliva's Market, Deli, Catering & Gourmet Gifts, Milford, Massachusetts

Four Seas Ice Cream, Cape Cod, MA (Centerville)
Four Seas Ice Cream, Centerville, Massachusetts

Lobstah On A Roll, Salem and Boston, Mass.
Lobstah On A Roll, Boston and Salem, Massachusetts

Fudge display from Winfrey's Fudge and Chocolates in Rowley, Mass.
Winfrey's Fudge and Chocolates, Rowley, Massachusetts

Lobster tank at Jasper White's Summer Shack in Cambridge, Mass.
Jasper White's Summer Shack, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Trevor Stevens brings out fresh doughnuts from Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Country Kitchen Donuts, Millis, Massachusetts
and Walpole, Massachusetts

Mike's Restaurant, Fairhaven, MA
Mike's Restaurant, Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Thornes Marketplace in Northampton MA.
Thornes Marketplace in Northampton, Massachusetts

Tessie's Bar & Kitchen, Walpole, Mass.
Tessie's Bar & Kitchen, Walpole, Massachusetts

Homemade whoopie pie from The Whoo(pie) Wagon in Topsfield, Mass.
The Whoo(pie) Wagon, Topsfield, Massachusetts

When Pigs Fly Bakery and Pizzeria, Kittery, Maine
When Pigs Fly Bakery and Pizzeria, Kittery, Maine

.Carmella's Pizzeria in Middletown, Rhode Island
Carmella's Pizzeria, Middletown, Rhode Island

Parker's Pub, Wrentham, Mass.
Parker's Pub, Wrentham, Massachusetts

PZA Gourmet Pizza, Salem, Mass.
PZA Gourmet Pizza, Salem, Massachusetts

Sample plate from PJ's Smoke "N" Grill in Medway, Massachusetts.
PJ's Smoke "N" Grill, Medway, Massachusetts

Flaky Crust Pies, Norton, Mass.
Flaky Crust Pies, Norton, Massachusetts

Rosetta's Italian Restaurant, Canton, MA.
Rosetta's Italian Restaurant, Canton, Massachusetts

Reasons To Be Cheerful ice cream shop in West Concord, Mass.
Reasons To Be Cheerful ice cream parlor, West Concord, Massachusetts

Central House restaurant, Westborough, Mass.
Central House, Westborough, Massachusetts

Copper Door Restaurant, Bedford, N.H.
Copper Door restaurant, Bedford, New Hampshire

Charred Oak Tavern, Middleborough, Massachusetts
The Charred Oak Tavern, Middleborough, Massachusetts

Summer Scoops ice cream stand at Osborne Materials in Plainville, MA.
Summer Scoops at Osborne Nursery, Plainville, Massachusetts

Coastal Roasters coffee shop in Tiverton, R.I.
Coastal Roasters in Tiverton, Rhode Island

Classic Rebuben sandwich from Ken's NY Style Deli and Restaurant in Bedford, Mass.
Ken's NY Style Deli & Brick Oven Pizzeria, Bedford, Massachusetts

Maddi's Cookery & TapHouse, Worcester, Mass.
Maddi's Cookery & Taphouse, Canal District, Worcester, Massachusetts

Schoolhouse Ice Cream, Burlington, Mass.
Schoolhouse Ice Cream, Burlington, Massachusetts

Red Heat Tavern, Bedford, Mass.
Red Heat Tavern, Bedford, Massachusetts

Arturo's Ristorante, Westborough, Mass.
Arturo's Ristorante, Westborough, Massachusetts

Simple Man Saloon, downtown Clinton MA
Simple Man Saloon, Clinton, Massachusetts

Garlic Knot New York Pizza from Granfanallys in Sale, N.H.
Granfanallys, Salem, New Hampshire

CabbyShack New England clam chowder
CabbyShack, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Providence GPub, Providence, R.I.
Providence GPub, Providence, Rhode Island

Homemade ice cream from Hayward's Ice Cream in Nashua, N.H.
Hayward's Ice Cream Stand, Nashua, New Hampshire

Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale, Mass. (Boston neighborhood)
Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale, Massachusetts

Shopping for antiques and shabby chic merchandise at Winsmith Mill Market in Norwood, mass.
Winsmith MILL Market (antiques, shabby chic shopping) in Norwood, Massachusetts

Sausage and hot dog from Fred's Franks in Wakefield, Mass.
Fred's Franks, Wakefield, Massachusetts

Cipcake Charlie's in Falmouth, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
Cupcake Charlie's, Falmouth, Mashpee, Plymouth, Foxborough, Newport

Fried clam platter from Woodman's of Essex, Massachusetts
Woodman's, Essex, Massachusetts

Knead Doughnuts, Providence, R.I.
KNEAD Doughnuts, Providence, R.I.

B.T.'s Smokehouse BBQ restaurant in Sturbridge, Massachusetts
B.T.'s Smokehouse, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Lobster roll on a buttered roll from Quahog Republic Captain's Den in Plymouth, mass.
Quahog Republic Captain's Den, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Centerville Pie Company, Centerville, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
Centerville Pie Company, Centerville, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)

Normandy Farms Campground elevated safari tent in Foxborough, Massachusetts
Normandy Farms Campground, Foxborough, Massachusetts (near Boston)

Suzanne Foley, owner of Port City Pretzels in Portsmouth, N.H.
Port City Pretzels, Portsmouth, N.H.

Cushman Market and Cafe, North Amherst, Massachusetts
Cushman Market and Cafe, North Amherst, Massachusetts

Kelly's Roast Beef, Revere Beach, in Revere, Massachusetts
Kelly's Roast Beef, Revere Beach, Revere, Massachusetts

Hager's Farm Market in Shelburne, Massachusetts
Hager's Farm Market, Shelburne, Massachusetts

Homemade vanilla chocolate chip fudge from Mystic Sweets and Ice Cream Shoppe in Mystic Conn.
Mystic Sweets and Ice Cream Shoppe, Mystic, Connecticut

The Drawing Room at Anthi Associates in Marion, Massachusetts
The Drawing Room at Anthi Associates, Marion Massachusetts.

Depot Street Tavern in Milford, Massachusetts
Depot Street Tavern, Milford, Massachusetts

Kindles Wood Fired Pizzeria, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Kindles Wood Fired Pizzeria, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Lobster roll from the Beach Plum in North Hampton, N.H.
The Beach Plum in North Hampton, Portsmouth and Epping, N.H.

Beantown Pastrami Co. in the Boston Public Market in Boston, Mass.
Beantown Pastrami Co, Boston, Mass.

Nashoba Restaurant, Ayer, Massachusetts
Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant, Ayer, Massachusetts

Main Streets Market and Cafe, Concord, Mass.
Main Streets Market & Cafe, downtown Concord, Massachusetts

The Raven's Nest, Walpole, Mass.
The Raven's Nest, Walpole, Massachusetts

The quaint UxLocale restaurant in Uxbridge, Mass.
The UXLocale Restaurant, Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Pizza restaurant stories from New England...
Pizza restaurant stories from New England

Warrens's Lobster House on the waterfront in Kittery, Maine, serves Maine lobster, as well as featuring one of the biggest restaurant salad bars in New England.
Warren's Lobster House, Kittery, Maine

The Crafty Yankee Gift Shop, Leington, Mass.
Crafty Yankee, Lexington, Massachusetts

A mouthwatering burger from The Abbey in Providence, Rhode Island.
The Abbey, Providence, Rhode Island

Carlins, Ayer, Massachusetts
Carlins, Ayer, Massachusetts

Barretts Alehouse in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
Barrett's Alehouse, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Snowdon Chalet, Londonderry, Vermont 
Snowdon Chalet, Londonderry, Vermont 

Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Massachusetts
Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Wicked Whoopies, Freeport, Maine
Wicked Whoopies, Freeport, Maine

Clyde's, Walpole, Massachusetts
Clyde's, Walpole, Massachusetts

Steaming Tender Restaurant, Palmer MA
Steaming Tender Restaurant, Palmer, Massachusetts

Nesting Gift Shop in downtown Concord, Mass.
Nesting Gift Shop, downtown Concord, Massachusetts

Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth NH
Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Kihei Dynasty pu pu platter, Walpole MA
Kihei Dynasty, Walpole, Massachusetts

Vanilla Bean Cafe, Pomfret CT
Vanillia Bean Cafe, Pomfret, Connecticut

Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon MA
Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon, Massachusetts

Star Drive In, Taunton, Massachusetts
Star Drive-In, Taunton, Massachusetts

Jimmy's Pizzeria, East Walpole MA
Jimmy's Pizzeria, East Walpole, Massachusetts

Rico's BJ Wrap  from Rico's Pizzeria in Walpole MA
Rico's Pizzeria, Walpole, Massachusetts

Commonwealth BBQ drive-in restaurant, Wrentham MA
Commonwealth BBQ, Wrentham, Massachusetts

Bliss Restaurant, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Bliss Restaurant, Attleboro, Massachusetts

Putnam, Connecticut
Putnam, Connecticut

Club sandwich from Kravings in Millis MA
Kravings Grille and Ice Cream in Millis, Massachusetts

Good Food Store, Walpole MA
Good Food Store & Deli, Walpole, Massachusetts

Route 109 Travel Guide for Westwood, Medfield, Millis, and Medway
Park Street Books, Medfield, Massachusetts

Patriot Tavern, Walpole MA
Patriot Tavern, Walpole, Massachusetts

Juice Mill, Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Juice Mill, Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Cherry pie from Ever So Humble Pie Company, Walpole MA
Ever So Humble Pie Company, Walpole, Massachusetts

Planet Chrysler Jepp Dodge Ram in Franklin MA
Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Franklin, Massachusetts

Norwood Farmers Market, Norwood MA
Norwood Farmers Market, Norwood, Massachusetts (SEASONAL)

Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk, Mass.
Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Al Mac's Diner, Fall River, Massachusetts
Al Mac's Diner Fall River, Massachusetts

Bluberry Muffin from the Muffin House Cafe in MEdway MA
Muffin House Cafe, Medway, Massachusetts

The Kayak Centre in Wickford Village, Rhode Island
The Kayak Centre, Wickford Village Rhode Island

Walpole Farmers Market, Walpole, Massachusetts
Walpole Farmers Market, Walpole, Massachusetts

Napper Tandy's in Millis, Massachusetts
Napper Tandy's, Millis, Massachusetts

Ye Olde Tavern, West Brookfield, Massachusetts
Ye Olde Tavern, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Abbott's Frozen Custard in Needham, Mass.
Abbott's Frozen Custard in Needham, Massachusetts

C&L Frosty in Sherborn, Massachusetts
C&L Frosty in Sherborn, Massachusetts

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