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Picture of covered bridge in Dummerston, Vt.

A classic covered bridge in Dummerston, Vt. (photo by Eric H.)

About is an online work of love that brings you
 local perspectives on New England tourism.  Eric H., a

lifelong New England native and award-winning professional journalist, takes the traditional New England "Yankee" work ethic to the highest level by creating and producing most of the design, writing, photography and proper, traditional, ethical marketing (in other words, we disseminate original content that we truly what we believe in, based on the people, places and things we experience in New England!) at We started in 2001 and, since then, have brought an entertaining and informative blend of New England tourism information to the public -- based in New England, of course, not some home office far away from our region!

About New England
So, welcome to New England! Our region consists of six states, all equally impressive but ultimately with their own charming personalities: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode island and Vermont. What is most striking about New England is its endless beauty in so many diverse expressions. Consider the icicle blue waters and rocky coasts that beautifully frame Nubble Light at York, Maine. Nubble Light is indeed one of America's most photographed lighthouses, and once you see it you'll know why. Imagine yourself hiking Mt. Katadhin in Northern, Maine, and being able able to see hundreds of miles away to Quebec or the great historical city of Boston. See yourself in the "real" part of Cape Cod where the pace is leisurely, the breeze sugar sweet and the salt air gently embracing. The anchor of this memorable New England vacation destination is the Cape Cod National Seashore with its 43,604 acres of shoreline, including sand dunes, lighthouses, historic structures, beaches, nature trails and picnic areas. Additionally, don't forget to visit Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, two islands that take you away from all the stresses of every day life and into idyllic locations of ocean beaches, charming village-like settings, and undeveloped coastal splendor.

Rhode Island and Connecticut are also no slouches when it comes to unwinding. Find yourself on a deserted beach in South County Rhode Island, walking miles and miles by the warm and healthy sea. Tour the "FarmCoast" towns of Tiverton and Little Compton where the mix of farms and coast create a truly spectacular, memorable setting. Bike the pristine environs of the "Quiet Corner" of Northeastern Connecticut where stunning village greens surround stately old houses and a slower pace of life forces one to relax. A great example is Woodstock, a million miles from nowhere, with no stores, no gas stations and no traffic lights -- just one beautiful home after another. It's truly a classic New England town.

Revel in the rolling green hills of Vermont, complete with many cows and fewer people. Here, you will find picture-perfect postcard villages, where life is relaxed and the Green Mountains scenery often spectacular. Of particular interest are the lovely small towns of Stowe, Newfane, Weston, Woodstock and Waitsfield. And what about New Hampshire? We could writ a book on the wonders of this beautiful state! It's hard to pick just one area to visit, but if we had to choose one area, it would be the White Mountains region. This timeless vacation destination feature dramatically scenic rugged mountains with the apex being Mt. Washington with an elevation of 6,288 ft. In the White Mountains, the skiing is fabulous in the winter at myriad ski resorts, spring refreshing after a long, cold winter, summer just ideal with hiking, swimming and other recreational activities, and the fall flat-out stunning with its colorful fall foliage. Many famous, family-friendly resorts and attractions reside here -- the latter including Santa's Village, Storyland, The Flume, Clark's Trading Post and the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

New England cities must not be missed from the Old Port Exchange shops and restaurants and classic tree-lined brownstone building streets of Portland, Maine, to the world-class historical, educational and scenic environs of Boston, Mass. Providence, R.I., is a big city alternative to Boston, with its high-rises, academia and concentration of colonial homes, especially on Benefit Street. Let's not forget the charming Portsmouth, N.H., a small city with big seaside historical charm. There's nothing quite like strolling through Portsmouth on a hot, summer day with its eclectic mix of people and stores. It's a lively city, typical of the New England lifestyle, and one loaded with great restaurants. Burlington, Vt., is also quite a small city with its located on beautiful Lake Champlain, the presence of the University of Vermont and a fabulous downtown pedestrian-friendly Church St. marketplace with its incredibly appealing mix of shops, restaurants (many outdoor cafes), entertainment, street vendors and interesting architecture amongst the myriad buildings. Newport, R.I., is world-famous and quite appealing -- a tour of the mansions, a scenic drive along Ocean, a day at Easton's Beach, a walk along the Cliff Walk overlooking the ocean, and a highly-developed downtown that seems to joyfully go on forever with a fantastic mix of shops, galleries, boutiques, museums and restaurants. We could go on and on about New England, but you'll just have to read more on our web site!

Discover the New England lifestyle at Visiting New We, the people of this diverse region, welcome you with open arms. Enjoy our New England tourism and travel essays, restaurant reviews and shopping.

Want to learn even more about New England? Well, we have broken down New England by state: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Don't forget to drop us a line, telling us what you like about New England, and what you'd like to see on this site!

More About stresses the "who, where, what, when, why and how," foundation of journalism with an emphasis on the "why" and "how" -- the detailed catalysts to help you plan your New England travel. This approach, combined with a "living room conversation" type of storytelling gives the reader a translation of the great feeling of being in New England. Our experiences as lifelong New Englanders have created an understanding of life beyond the most heavily-marketed New England vacation spots. The hidden New England gems, and the nuances and the subtleties behind every mountain, body of water, village green and skyscraper in New England are what makes a visit to New England so special. Ultimately, this is not your basic cookie-cutter, assembly-line, vanilla New England travel and vacation planning information guide. Like New England, offers great diversity, from a staff that knows you want the most out of your New England vacation. 

We have something for everyone interested in learning more about New England. If you haven't noticed lately, some New England communities and publications have gone upscale with very little respect to the "plain folk." We will never head in this direction of thinking that we are above others, or that a vacation is meant as a portfolio, of sorts, to impress others. Vacation and travel, to us, is about enjoying life, as equals, with friends and family. While you will see some great upscale ideas on our site that we highly recommend, you will find a fair and balanced travel guide here that keeps all classes of people in mind. We appreciate the hard-working people who earn their money everyday and deserve to go on vacation, so you will never be excluded from the mission of this site. We are one of those families. Consider us your neighbor, the "local" who knows all the best places to visit in New England.

Knowledge is the most potent communicator. We have probably all benefited, for example, from the suggestions of a "local." Their responses might have brought you to the right diner, the quiet beach, or a hiking trail unknown to the marketing teams writing about New England from, as mentioned before, outside the region. is like your online version of the "local" recommending the best places to visit.

We are honored you are here, and, therefore, want to honor you with the best New England travel and vacation planning information possible.

Ultimately, we offer what we feel is the best New England travel and vacation trip planning information available on the Web because we know, and appreciate, our beloved region. We prepare you by combining the well-known New England travel destinations such as York Beach, Maine, or Wolfeboro, N.H., to "hidden New England" such as Stonington, Conn., Bird Park in Walpole, Mass., or the traditional New England restaurant in the idyllic New England countryside, Salem Cross Inn (West Brookfield, Mass.). By the way, all the writing on is solely based on the writer's New England travel experiences and, in no way, swayed by advertising!

Most importantly, we make your online New England trip planning experience fun, because we know that you want to have great times during your New England visit. We have wonderful suggestions for the visiting the best cities, towns, villages and regions in New England, dining around New England , and a New England Hotels Guide that features hundreds of hotels with descriptions, photographs and the chance to make online reservations.  We feel this feature is the perfect complement to our travel articles -- find the New England destination that appeals to you and then make reservations, all on one site!

We also offer "Scenes of New England Photo Gallery" which brings stunning New England imagery to you in the comfort of your own home.

We're also proud to offer you The Thrifty New England Traveler blog, as a means of finding tips on visiting New England on a budget. We're appalled and saddened by the down economy, and thought it would be a great idea to offer hundreds of ideas to help those that would like to travel more and spend less on their New England travel. We know travel is a luxury, but also understand that many of you (ourselves included) want to find ways to travel within our own personal budgets. For us, we have taken more day trips and found that this type of travel has opened our eyes to the virtues of what we call a "mini-vacation."

There's so much more information on that will help with your New England travel and vacation planning, and more to come in the future. Please check back in often as information is constantly "hot off the press" and frequently updated with New England feature story news.

Ultimately, celebrates New England travel, as the content on this site has been lovingly created with you in mind.  Everything that we write reflects the people, places and things we love most about New England, and feel that you will, too. This is a site exclusively for you and your travel planning needs in the six state region: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. We want to be as authentic as New England, so you benefit most from the impassioned information. We respectfully place ourselves in your shoes, always thinking when creating our site: "If we were going to vacation in New England, what types of things would we like to read about?"  In classic fair and balanced reporting and overall presentation, VisitingNewEngland addresses the greatest places to visit in the six-state region for all walks of life.   We hope you enjoy -- check back in often as we continue to cover the real New England.

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