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Searching for The Best and Biggest Lobster Rolls in New England

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Because a lobster roll is not the best if it isn't also big! These New England restaurants and lobster shacks serve both amazing tasting and huge lobster rolls:

The combination of a big and delicious lobster roll is key. How many times have we tasted a tasty lobster roll, only to find that it is gone in just a few bites?  Or, how many of you have tried a huge lobster roll with the taste of cardboard? What about those chain restaurants that pride themselves on using real lobster meat? Those lobsters must have come from the Bland and Tasteless species.

Additionally, some mainstream media and travel guides often choose the same places over and over again for best lobster rolls in New England. Sure, we include some of those places on the "best of" list here -- no need to deny the greatness of some of these lobster rolls -- but also recognize other dining spots that rarely make the list...

Here are our top picks for best and biggest lobster roll in New England:

Lobstah On A Roll, Boston and Salem, Mass.
Chef Kevin Dupree showcases a lobster roll from Lobstah On A Roll in Salem and Boston, Mass.
Kenny Dupree, chef and co-owner at Lobstah On A Roll, creates huge lobster rolls. Photo source: Lobstah On A Roll Facebook fan page.

Lobstah On A Roll had a big vision when opening its tiny Boston location in Nov. 2017 in the form of huge lobster rolls up to five-ft. long with 16 lbs. of lobster meat. It can feed as many as 50 people! If that lobster roll size is a tad too big for you, no worries -- Lobstah On A Roll also creates "smaller" sizes. These smaller lobster rolls come packed with more lobster meat far beyond the industry standard. No matter what size, however, the locally-sourced lobster for the rolls tastes great -- no dried out version here.

Lobster roll packed with plenty of meat from Lobstah On A Roll.

An added bonus: Lobstah On a Roll uses sweet Challah bread instead of the traditional hot dog roll to wonderfully complement the ample lobster meat. What's more, there is no filler, thus allowing the lobster roll lover to enjoy the full taste without obstruction. The lobster rolls can be ordered New England-style with a little mayonnaise or Connecticut -style with warm butter. Lobstah On A Roll also recently opened its second location in downtown Salem, Mass. with more seating space than the Boston location.

Boston location of Lobstah On A Roll: 537 Columbus Ave. Tel. (617) 903-4005. Salem location of Lobstah On A Roll: 135 Lafayette St. Tel. (978) 594-8226. Read more about Lobstah On A Roll

Red's Eats, Wiscasset Maine
Lobster Roll, Red's Wiscasset ME
Red's Eats lobster roll. Photo credit: Red's Eats.

This seasonal seafood stand not only packs in a lot of lobster in its lobster roll, but also the crowds on Route 1 -- sometimes up to two hours. The pound and a half lobster roll includes the tail, claw and knuckle meat, further enhanced by warm butter and mayo. When best lobster rolls in New England come up in local conversation, Red's almost always finds a way into the heated debates and casual discussions. Red's Eats, 41 Water St., Wiscasset, ME. Tel. (207) 882-6128

Beach Plum, North Hampton, Portsmouth, Epping, N.H.
Beach Plum lobster roll and freshly squeezed lemonade
Lobster roll and lemonade from the Beach Plum.

Bob Lee, co-owner of the Beach Plum with wife Nancy Lee, is a coastal New Hampshire native who knows a good lobster roll when he sees and tastes one, as well as having an uncanny knack of knowing what the customer wants. Lee prefers sourcing hard shell lobster as he firmly believes this version yields a better tasting, more developed lobster that is richer in protein.  The result: a spectacular, mouthwatering lobster roll with tender lobster -- overflowing out of the lightly toasted, buttered bun -- that I feel is the best lobster roll in New England. The Beach Plum puts more lobster in its lobster roll than any other we've experienced, to date, so no matter what size -- five, six, eight or 10 oz. -- customers are definitely getting their money's worth (there's just a touch of mayo, and no fillers). Add a cup of delicious New England clam chowder or lobster bisque, choose from one of the 78 ice cream flavors, and you have one of the great, local summertime meals! The good news, however, is that the Epping and Portsmouth locations are open year-round. The seasonal 800 sq. ft., flagship North Hampton Beach Plum stand at 17 Ocean Blvd. (Tel. 603-964-7451) -- with ocean-view picnic tables right across from the state beach -- is open from April 1 to Nov. 15 and is part of the fabric that makes summer by the sea in New Hampshire so special. The Beach Plum seafood restaurant in Epping is located in the Brickyard Square shopping center at 24 NH-125 (Tel. 603-679-3200) and the Portsmouth restaurant at 2800 Lafayette Rd., Route 1 (Tel. 603-433-3339). Read more about The Beach Plum

Captain's Den/Quahog Republic, Plymouth, Mass.
Lobster roll with truffle Parmesan fries from Quahog Republic's Captain's Den in Plymouth, Mass.
Quahog Republic lobster roll.

Quahog Republic owners Erik Bevans and Tom Hughes grew up on Cape Cod digging for quahogs, fishing and boating as a major part of their upbringing. To no surprise, veteran restauranteur Bevans and businessman Hughes offer many seafood gems at Quahog Republic, including a small lobster roll that comes across as large and a large lobster roll -- called the "Monsta Lobster Roll" -- that looks extra large. Served with separate warm butter and Parmesan truffle fries on the side, the lobster roll is an absolute culinary masterpiece that most likely, for many, requires a take-home box for either size. I tried the lobster roll at the Captain's Den/Quahog Republic at 35 Main St. in Plymouth (Tel. 508-591-7589), but you can experience the same at the Quahog Republic Dive Bar in Falmouth (97 Spring Bars Rd., Tel. 508-540-4111), Whalers Tavern in New Bedford (24 North Water St., Tel. 774-206-6303) and seasonal Waterfront Eatery in Onset (Wareham) at 197 Onset Ave. Tel. 508-295-9300. Read more about Quahog Republic

Kelly's Roast Beef, Revere Beach, Mass.
Kelly's Roast Beef Lobster Roll
Kelly's Roast Beef lobster roll.

This legendary year-round seaside roast beef and seafood stand has a great local reputation for serving delicious lobster rolls, but somehow often gets left off the lists for the "best of" New England. The lobster meat is about as tender and flavorful as it gets with not a lot of filler. What's more, Kelly's offers a huge portion of lobster meat that even the heartiest appetite might have trouble finishing. Kelly's proves that just because a dining spot is popular amongst the working class doesn't mean that it can't rank amongst the elite when it comes to lobster rolls. The populist's taste buds know this to be true in the real world. Kelly's Roast Beef, 410 Revere Beach Blvd., Revere MA. Tel. (781) 284-9129. Read more about Kelly's Roast Beef

Warren's Lobster House, Kittery, Maine

Lobster roll from Warren's Lobster House, Kittery, Maine
Lobster roll from Warren's Lobster House. Photo credit: Warren's Lobster House.

Warren's is much like Kelly's in that crowds of people from all walks of life come to this long-time large waterfront restaurant for lobster. Because many tourists vacationing on the southern New Hampshire and Maine seacoast comes here in droves, elitists and other garden variety snobs have the tendency to ignore Warren's for its delicious lobster rolls and lobster dishes, as well as a phenomenal 60-plus item salad bar. The lobster is served on a 12-inch sub roll with lobster meat piled high. Warren's perhaps uses even less filler than Kelly's, so the overall taste is a tad better. Warren's also has an advantage over many other lobster restaurants with its own on-site lobster pound capable of holding 28 tons of lobsters! No wonder the lobster in the rolls taste so fresh! Warren’s Lobster House, 11 Water St./U.S. Route 1, Kittery, Maine. Tel. (207) 439-1630. Read more about Warren's Lobster House

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, Noank, Conn.
Lobster roll from Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, Noank CT
Lobster roll from Abbott's Lobster in the Rough.
Photo credit: Abbott's Lobster in the Rough web site

Abbott's frequently makes the "best of lists" and it's easy to understand why. When it comes to warm, buttered lobster on a toasted roll, the Abbott's OMG Lobster Roll might just the the best we've tasted in New England -- piled high in a block-like shape. Plus, the indoor and outdoor waterfront dining views are, on its own, worth the visit. Note: Abbott's is a seasonal operation. Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, 117 Pearl St., Noank, CT . Tel. (860) 536-7719. Read more about Abbott's

Lobster Pot Wareham, Mass.
Lobster roll and clam chowder at the Lobster Pot, Wareham MA
Lobster Pot lobster roll with New England clam chowder.

Located on a highway that looks like it has been hit with the ugly stick too many times, this fast food restaurant with a fish market delivers on the promise of its well-known, appetizing local TV ads.  The lobster roll is deceiving, being a lot bigger than it actually looks. Chunks of lobster meat with a touch of mayo overflow from the basic but tasty roll that results in a classic New England lobster roll. The Lobster Pot is open most of the year; call ahead to make sure they are open. The Lobster Pot, 3155 Cranberry Highway, Wareham MA. Tel. (508) 759-3876. Read more about The Lobster Pot

Woodman's, Essex, Mass.
Lobster Rolls from Woodman's, Essex MA
Woodman's lobster roll. Photo credit: Woodman's.

As the birthplace of the fried clam, Woodman's is best known for serving some of the best fried clams in New England. The same can be said about the lobster roll, too, at this classic New England seafood shack located on the North Shore of Massachusetts. With emphasis on a large quantity of absolutely delectable lobster meat overflowing from a perfectly toasted standard size roll, this lobster roll is to be savored with every bite. Once finished, the next thought is typically, "When can we come back here for more?" Woodman's, 121 Main St., Essex MA. Tel. (978) 768-6057. Open year-round. Read more about Woodman's of Essex

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