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Black Raspberry Ice Cream from Kimball Farm, Carlisle MA
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Black Raspberry Ice Cream from Kimbal Farm, Carlisle MA
Article and photo by Eric H.

Have you ever tasted the past? Kimball Farm's black raspberry ice cream has that effect on me.

Thinking back to the 1970s when Bates Farm was at the current Kimball Farm location in Carlisle, Mass., I remember the rides from Arlington in my dad's Ford LTD station wagon, the windows down and the crickets chirping, WRKO 680 AM playing those great top 40 songs that actually had melody and structure, the big country sky opening up to stars out at night, and... eating delicious black raspberry ice cream on the station wagon tailgate. Bates Farm made a version that tasted like it was just-made-on-the-farm with that thick creamy milky flavor and a just-right level of black raspberry taste. Sometimes, i almost expected a cow to take my order and black raspberry plants to be spilling out of the order window -- that's how fresh the ice cream tasted.

Bates Farm is long gone, but the seasonal Kimball Farm ice cream stand has actually made a great thing better with its own black raspberry ice cream. The Bates qualities remain, but Kimball has upped the consistency so that the black raspberry flavor does not vary from visit to visit. Additionally, the small size -- what you see above -- would be considered large at many other ice cream stands.

If you love black raspberry ice cream, Kimball Farm makes the best on the planet as far as my summer heart, soul and taste buds are concerned. Thanks, Kimball Farm, for pleasing us black raspberry ice cream fans!

Kimball Farm, 343, Carlisle Rd., Carlisle MA. Tel. (978) 369-1910

Kimball Farm Ice Cream Locations (including the lively, flagship Westford MA location)

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