New England Walks

Why You Should Visit Castle Island Recreation Site in Boston, Mass.

Boston, Mass., tourists are drawn to the bustle of the city, given all its well-preserved history, modern amenities, dining scene, arts and culture and about a million other things. ¬†For those that need a temporary escape with lots of green…

How the Public Garden Will Make You Fall in Love With Boston Travel

If you feel wilted from trying to find the right Boston travel attractions, then the solution to blossoming your “Hub of the Universe” vacation is by visiting the Boston Public Garden in the heart of the city. It’s really the…

Marveling at Bridge of Flowers, Glacial Potholes in Shelburne Falls, Mass.

The one-of-a-kind Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Mass., is a must-see New England travel attraction as this former trolley bridge features 400 ft. of more than 500 varieties of flowers, shrubs and vines! The best times to see the…


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