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Affordable Ice Skating Lessons at the Norfolk Arena, Norfolk, Mass.

If you are looking to participate in a healthy, fun activity without breaking the bank, we highly recommend checking out the “Learn to Skate” program at the Norfolk Arena in Norfolk, Mass.

We have personally enjoyed the Norfolk Arena for years. It is like family there, the instruction comes from skilled professionals and the cost has remained virtually unchanged through the years — so important in a down economy. Such a nice ride there, too, with pleasant rural and spacious suburban streets!

The coaches are registered with the United States Figure Skating Association and have some pretty impressive resumes in their fields. The 25 minute lessons and 25 minutes of supervised practice time are fun — sometimes appropriately intense — and really geared toward getting the skater to enjoy the activity and prepping them to get to the next level. The testing takes place on the seventh week with a “Bring a Friend” session on the eighth week.

When breaking down the cost, you are only paying $15 for each lesson ($120 for eight weeks). That’s quite a bargain when you think about it!

Here are the session dates:

Tuesday: 5:00pm
Session 1: 09/27 – 11/15/11
Session 2: 11/22 – 01/17/12
Session 3: 01/24 – 03/20/12
Session 4: 03/27 – 05/15/12
Session 5: 05/22 – 07/10/12
**No classes: 12/27/11 & 02/21/12

COST: Tuesday sessions $120.00
10% discount if paid in full 1 week before classes begin!
8th class is bring a friend & family skate!

Saturday: 12:00pm
Session 1: 10/01 – 11/19/11
Session 2: 11/26 –1/28/12
Session 3: 02/04 – 04/07/12
Session 4: 04/14 – 05/19/12
No classes 12/24 & 12/31 & 2/18/12 & 2/25/12

COST: Saturday sessions 1-3 = $120.00
COST: Saturday session 4 = $90.00 for only 6 weeks
10% discount if paid in full 1 week before classes begin!
Saturdays: receive a “free lesson for guests” during the 6th class!

You can check out the full “Learn to Skate” brochure (including application form) here

The Norfolk Arena is located at 1 Dean St. in Norfolk, Mass. tel. (508)  520-9200. FAX: 508-520-9888

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