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Visit Our Affordable New England Travel Pinboard on Pinterest

We recently started a Pinterest pinboard for those interested in affordable New England travel destinations. With already 236 followers at this writing, we hope to reach out to thousands before the summer so that we can help people with their New England budget trip planning.

You can join our Affordable New England Travel Pinterest Pinboard here.

Also, be sure to spread the word through social media to those you feel are interested in learning about how to travel New England on a budget. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in doing this so much as we truly enjoy helping those with trip planning!

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media tools to come down the pike in a while with a staggering amount of people signing up over the past several months. On Pinterest, people can create and curate their own pinboards with photographs, based on their favorite subject matters.

We, at The Thrifty New England Traveler, thought it would be a great idea to create pinboards on affordable travel. We have used our photos from this blog as the original source, as well as other sites that we feel offer good tips on affordable travel.

In addition to following our Affordable New England Travel Pinboard, you can follow many of our other Visiting New England Pinterest pinboards that we are confident will give you a great resource on planning a New England vacation. Happy, affordable travels!

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