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In a “Fowle’s” Mood in Newburyport, Mass.

Fowle's Newburyport Mass. (photo by Eric)

There’s certainly nothing foul about Fowle’s in coastal Newburyport, Mass.

Located in an impressive, historic downtown that has seen an increase in high end

galleries, boutiques and trendy restaurants, it’s refreshing that this old-time news stand/variety store and diner remains so popular. Totally void of pretension, Fowle’s has been around since 1865 and is the type of place your grandparents or various other ancestors probably frequented to catch up on politics, sports and the latest neighborhood gossip. Funny thing, Fowle’s still has that going on with the locals, as well as tourists looking for a good newspaper or magazine, book, cup of coffee, perhaps a cigar for the men, and reasonably priced breakfast or lunch.

It’s always nice taking a step back in time, as long as that given destination goes beyond just being “nostalgic” and actually serves a purpose. I love this place and hope it last forever!

Fowle’s is located at 17 State St., Newburyport MA. Tel. (978) 463-9824


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