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Free National Parks Week, April 21-29

Image of Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine (photo by Eric)

I was so glad to read on the The U.S. National Park Service web site that Free

National Parks Week will take from April 21-29, with some New England parks included in this special program.

While many state parks never charge an entrance fee, Free National Parks Week expands this great incentive to to others that do charge. Case in point, here is New England: Acadia National Park in Maine, which typically charges for entering its one-of-a-kind, spectacular oceans-meets-the-mountains setting. Yes, the regular entrance fee to Acadia National Park is well worth the price, but free admission during Free National Parks Week is something I would strongly recommend you utilize whether living local or traveling from out of the region.

Here are the participating Free National Parks Week parks in New England, according to the National Park Service:

Acadia National Park

Adams National Historical Park
Cape Cod National Seashore

New Hampshire
Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Hope you get to go. So many of these national parks are simply American travel treasures!

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