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Feasting On A Dining Bargain At The Red Arrow Diner, Milford, N.H.

Red Arrow Diner, Milford, N.H. (photo by Eric H.)

We highly recommend pointing yourself over to the Red Arrow Diner in the quintessential New England town of Milford, N.H., for a hearty “comfort food” meal at low prices and with a touch of down-to-earth service. currently offers a $25.00 gift certificate for just $10.00, so you’ll be able to eat an incredible amount of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner at this classic diner. Our favorites: a fresh roast turkey dinner, chicken wrap with cooked peppers and onions, turkey rice soup, handmade potato chips, and for dessert, blueberry pie, a whoopie pie and chocolate cream pie. To purchase a gift certificate log onto .

The Red Arrow is best known for its original location in Manchester, N.H., dating back to 1922 — and hosting myriad celebrities and politicians to this very day — but the Milford spot is every bit as good (just more low key). The Red Arrow looks like a diner (chrome, counter, booths, memorabilia), feels like a diner (townies conversing, waitresses with

Downtown Milford, N.H. (photo by Eric H.)

personalities and opinions, oldies background music) and offers food that we expect from a diner. To us, it’s the prototype for what a diner should be — we love it!

After the meal, we encourage you to burn off some calories by strolling the downtown Milford district. With ┬áhistoric buildings, a charming circular town common with a gazebo, and many welcoming “mom and pop” shops, this is a great introduction to a classic New England town. It’s really the perfect “slice of Americana” community for a diner like the Red Arrow!

Red Arrow Diner
63 Union Square
Milford, NH
Tel. (603) 249-9222

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