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Live Streaming Updates from Farm Stands and Farmers Markets in New England

We thought it would be a great idea to create a Twitter list with live, streaming updates of farm stands and farmers markets in New England. Check back in often to see what “crops” up…

As you can see, New England certainly raises the barn when it comes to great farm stands! From the small mom and pop farm stand located in a quaint Vermont town to the state-of-the art roadside stand in suburbia, there’s no doubt that agriculture still thrives in an otherwise dominant industrial and technological world.

What’s more, you’re supporting local businesses that tend to charge reasonable prices on straight-from-the-farm produce and plants as well as items like locally-produced honey, maple syrup, cheeses and meats. Seasonally, it’s always great to visit these farm stands with friendly folks appreciating your business, as well as enjoying the open fields and fresh air en route to picking apples in the fall, berries in the summer and purchasing whatever else is offered in between.

This business model certainly falls within our budget travel theme here at The Thrifty New England Traveler. After all, you’re not buying some trendy jeans that go for an outrageous price; rather, some fresh, often healthy local food basics that colorfully fill the plate while not emptying your wallet.

Farmers markets are another local treasure, bringing in farm stand owners and staff and other local businesses to sell their goods at these events in many New England towns and cities.

Hope you enjoy this streaming updates list, and please write us to suggest a farm stand and farmers market with a Twitter account that you’d like to see on this list.

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