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Moms Eat for Half Price on Mother’s Day at Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk, Mass.

Picture of Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk MA

Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk Mass. (photo by Eric)

At a time when many restaurants unfairly raise the prices on Mother’s Day to take full advantage of the crowds, the Eagle Brook Saloon in Norfolk, Mass. (a southwest suburb of Boston), has moseyed along the other route: having mom’s eat for half price on this special day!

We read on the Eagle Brook Facebook fan page that mom’s can once again eat for a discount on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012, by making reservations at (508) 384-7312. Last year, we did just that, enjoying our meals at the Eagle Brook on Mother’s Day, while not witnessing any evidence of price inflation. The food was excellent, as usual here — steak, chicken, seafood, pizza — and no reducing the quantities of food to match the lower prices for moms. We’re not sure what will be on this years Mother’s Day menu, but judging from last year’s dining experience don’t worry about it: again, the quality and quantity of what we had was excellent!

Additionally, The Eagle Brook’s atmosphere is something that you will rarely find in New England, looking like something out of the wild west — a wide, creaky front porch and rustic, “old west” bar and dining room theme, along with a wide staircase that twists and turns to additional upstairs dining rooms. The Eagle Brook also has an impressive beer menu, including well-known commercial brands, and its own handcrafted ales: blue, oatmeal stout with coffee and chocolate overtones, and King Philip Dark ale  (darker version of the traditional amber ale with a complex flavor produced by utilizing six varieties of grain), to name a few.

Kudos to the Eagle Brook Saloon for not ripping off customers on Mother’s Day and for being a unique restaurant that is also worth visiting any other time of the year!

Eagle Brook Saloon
258 Dedham, St.
Norfolk, MA
Tel. (508) 384-7312

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