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The Beautiful Simplicity of Jane and Paul’s Farm in Norfolk, Mass.

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Jane and Paul's Farm, Norfolk MA

Jane and Paul’s Farm, Norfolk MA (photo by Eric)

Jane and Paul’s Farm in Norfolk, Mass., doesn’t come across as fancy and high profile, and that’s the beauty of the place. This unassuming farm stand, tucked away in a rural Norfolk neighborhood in this southwest Boston suburb, exhibits unaffected simplicity and a welcoming friendliness with its owners showing a genuine appreciation for their trade, products and customers. Focusing on their own fresh-picked produce and locally sourced items, Jane and Paul’s might not have the variety of fruits and veggies that other some other local farm stands sell, but what they do offer counts. The produce tastes wonderful with a revolving door of seasonal foods. We especially love the corn, blueberries, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, summer squash, and huge eggplants, as well as the fall season when apple and pumpkin picking takes place in the fields.

Whatever time of the spring, summer or fall, Jane and Paul’s seems to have a high batting average in the quality of produce sold. With the exception of the onions, here is what we really bought from Jane and Paul’s…

Delicious produce from Jane and Paul's Farm, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Delicious produce from Jane and Paul’s Farm, Norfolk, Mass. (photo by Eric)

With farm animals, bright flower beds, a cornfield, berry picking area, and scenic rural views adding extra ambiance depending on the time of the year, Jane and Paul’s is truly a locally-owned and operated small business delight that will bring you back to the authentic, humble business ways that used to be more common back in the day. While If in the Boston area, we highly recommend this friendly little farm stand!

A friendly-looking goat at Jane and Paul's Farm, Norfolk MA

A friendly-looking goat at Jane and Paul’s Farm, Norfolk, Mass.(photo by Eric)

Jane and Paul’s Farm is located at 33 Fruit St., Norfolk MA. Tel.528-0812

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