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My 5 Favorite York Maine Scenes

Every step of the way in York, Maine, brings special New England travel memories. Ocean beaches, seafood, amusements, salt water taffy, old-fashioned gift shops, a lighthouse, and coastal scenery have that effect.

What’s more, visitors always like that you don’t have to drive too far up the Maine coast to get a true taste of Maine as York is only a 10-15 drive from the southern coastal New Hampshire border. Plus, you are close to other “must-see” coastal southern Maine towns like Wells, Ogunquit and Kennebunkport.

Those warm summer York memories remain so strong throughout the whole year that it’s always hard to choose the greatest remembrances. If I had to choose the most memorable scenes, however, I would go with…

Nubble Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

Nubble Lighthouse (photo by Eric)

This late 1800s lighthouse which stands tall over the beautiful rocky Maine coast might be inaccessible to the public, but the scene always connects directly to the visitor’s heart. When thinking of Maine lighthouses, this is the prototype — it’s no wonder Nubble is one of the most photographed lighthouses in America. More on Nubble Lighthouse

Short Sands Beach

Short Sands Beach, York Beach Maine

Short Sands Beach (photo by Eric)

This laid-back cozy, little ocean beach in downtown York Beach is a favorite family beach with its quarter mile stretch of sand surrounded by rocky coast and beautiful old oceanfront homes. Summer brings lots of fun with outdoor concerts and fireworks displays. It’s conveniently located, too, next to a park, York Wild Kingdom (amusement park and zoo), restaurants and shops. More on Short Sands Beach

York Cliff Path

York Cliff Path, York Maine

York Cliff Path (photo by Eric)

Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine, and the Cliff Walk in Newport, R.I., tend to get all the oceanside cliff walk accolades, but the Cliff Path in York is no slouch, either. The Atlantic Ocean views are often spectacular! More on the York Cliff Path

Long Sands Beach

Long Sands Beach, York Beach Maine

Long Sands Beach (photo by Eric)

This mile-and-a-half stretch is York’s most popular beach, but you’ll always be able to find a spot given the enormity of this wonderful York destination. Despite being long and often crowded, the feeling is always relaxing and intimate with soft sand, waves crashing for therapeutic effect, room to take those proverbial long walks on the beach, refreshing salt sea air and soothing views of Nubble Lighthouse. The photo above was taken in the spring, well before the tourist crowds return! More on Long Sands Beach

The Goldenrod

The Goldenrod, York Beach Maine

The Goldenrod (photo by Eric)

This landmark seasonal restaurant, soda fountain, candy counter and gift shop dates back to 1896. The Goldenrod’s biggest claim-to-fame is its salt water taffy “Kisses” made right on the premises. People love watching from the window the process of employees and machines making these delicious candies. This is a sweet place, and we’re not just referring to the candy as one can’t help to have a special place in the heart for this wonderful, happy small business. FYI, The Goldenrod is reopening for the 2016 season on May 13! More on The Goldenrod

What are your favorite York Maine destinations? Please tell us in the comment box below. For more information on York, please read York Maine travel article.

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