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Monday Photo of the Day: Spring Takes a Backseat to Winter

Spring becomes winter in New England.

Climate confusion: spring becomes winter in New England (Photo by Eric)

Spring temporarily took a backseat to winter this past weekend with snowfall in much of the six-state New England region. That just stinks, doesn’t it?

Have no fear, though. The sun’s angle, at this time of year, promotes rapid melting of snow, plus the forecast for later in the week shows 50 to 60 degree temperatures in much of New England. For those looking to keep track of the potential upgrade in New England weather, I always recommend tuning into New England Cable News’ Matt Noyes who has an uncanny ability to often get the forecast right.

At least this isn’t like the April Fool’s Blizzard of 1997 that dropped 20-plus inches of snow!

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