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Where to Book a Cape Cod Hotel Room for Often Under $160 a Night

If you are looking forward to a Cape Cod vacation, but unsure of where to find an affordable hotel room, no worries.

I did some research for you through to find hotel rooms under $150, at this writing, including many summer days. Some key holidays might be higher, but here are some of the lowest price hotels we found on Cape Cod…

Econo Lodge, West Yarmouth

Hyannis Host Inn, Hyannis

Governor Prence Inn, Orleans

International Inn, Hyannis

Jonathan Edwards Motel, Dennis Port

Town N Country Family Resort, West Yarmouth

Additionally, did you know that Cape Cod in Massachusetts brings in millions of visitors each year? With that in mind, now might be a good time to book a hotel room on Cape Cod to ensure avoiding that dreaded “No Vacancy” sign!

We hope this information has helped, so you can enjoy the many public beaches that line Cape Cod’s 560 miles of seacoast, as well as the local seafood, myriad family attractions, and the quaint villages this summer!

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