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Stroll The Free Sheep Pasture in North Easton, Mass.

Sheep Pasture, Easton, Mass. (photo by Eric H.)

If you enjoy scenic open space, the Sheep Pasture in North Easton Village, Mass., is not “baaahhd” at all.

Operated through the Natural Resource Trust of Easton, the 154-acre Sheep Pasture is simply a great place to walk and commune with nature for free.  This time of year, it’s nice for cross country skiing! In the warmer weather, people love to bird watch here, stroll around the pond and enjoy the barnyard animal and poultry barn areas (yes, you’ll see sheep at the barnyard animals area). What’s best about the Sheep Pasture, however, is that it will virtually take you away from civilization and all its congestion and noises — even though it is so close to the main roads.

It’s indeed hard to believe that a suburban Boston town has such a pristine, untouched area as so much of the suburban land has succumbed to residential, commercial and industrial development through the years. Although Easton has its share of development, there’s also a dedicated priority to conserve land. Consequently, areas like the Sheep Pasture and Borderland State Park make Easton sort of an anomoly in the suburbs. It’s a big town with about 23,000 people, but in many ways, it feels like a little country town.

We recommend checking out the Sheep Pasture to take in this Easton way of life and as a New England travel destination for you to enjoy in its full solitude and scenery.  The place just has a wonderful vibe!

You can log onto the Natural Resource Trust of Easton web site to access a map of the Sheep Pasture.  We also feature a detailed article with photographs on North Easton at

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