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3 Things to Do in New England for National Cheese Month (October)

Enjoying National Cheese Month is October with a visit to Fxoboro Cheese in Foboro, Mass.

Cheeses from Foxboro Cheese in Foxboro, Mass.

Did you know that October is National Cheese Month? To meet your “grate expectations” for fun things to do during this cheesy month, here are three ideas for your New England travel.

1. Take a tour of Vermont-based Cabot Creamery. Cabot makes some of the best-known and tasting commercially-sold cheese on the planet and, here, you can take a tour at its factory to see the cheese making process and also sample some delicious cheddar cheese. At this writing, the tour costs only $3 per adult, and children under 12 get in free. Cabot’s is located at 2878 Main St. in Cabot, Vt. Tel. 1-800-837-4261. Web site:

2. Check out Foxboro Cheese at Lawton’s Farm in Foxboro, Mass. The cheese room and aging cave is located in a 1830’s hand-hewn timber-framed barn. One of the best cheeses we have tasted in New England, the farmstead asiago and Fromage Blanc (white cheese) are made with fresh milk from a grazing herd of Ayrshires. The asiago takes 60 days to make and is created mostly by hand. The Fromage comes in several different flavors including, depending on season, garlic, maple (from pure local maple syrup), chives, lemon honey and tomato basil. The whole experience is fabulous at this rustic 300-year-old family farm that also sells wonderful produce, raw milk and grass-fed veal and beef.. Foxboro Cheese, at Lawton’s Farm, is located at 70 North St, in Foxboro. Tel. 508-543-64640
Web site:

3. Have a pizza at great Boston area pizza joints, restaurants and take-out spots! Whether Italian, Greek or bar-style, the options are many including some nationally-recognized “best of” destinations like Santarpio’s and Regina Pizzeria.

Before you leave, check out this Cabot Vintage Choice Cheddar Cheese from Vermont. Amazing taste!

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