Image of downtown Thompson, Conn.

Downtown Thompson Conn., Holds Onto Its Traditional New England Look

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Downtown Thompson, Conn., seems so quiet that I think it would have been disrespectful to drop a pin. When approaching the beautiful town common, I saw a community that, with the exception of paved roads, probably looked the way it did 150 or more years ago with nothing more than old homes, churches and municipal buildings. That’s it, really nothing more here in this small town located in, interestingly, the northeast “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut. While someone else might have left town right away because of the lack of modern day commercial development (i.e., things to do), I stayed a while to get back to some good old fashioned New England roots. Walking around the town common and enjoying this pure New England scene that could be the basis of a movie about traditional life in this region, I found myself wanting to stay longer. How is this possible when there is nothing to do? Well, I guess that happens when you’re in a picture-perfect New England postcard come-to-life!

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