Picture of Dummerston Covered Bridge, Dummerston VT

Vermont Covered Bridge Photo

Just like classic village green towns, mountains and cows, the covered bridge is synonymous with Vermont. Pictured above is the Dummerston, Vt., covered bridge right off Route 30. It’s not quite as spiffy as other Vermont covered bridges and that’s why I like it so much. The look of this this bridge fits Vermont like an old comfortable show.

What makes it even nicer is the view below of the West River…

Picture of West River, Dummerston Vt.
West River, Dummerston VT (photo by Eric)

Although my main trip focused on visiting the nearby Newfane Country Store, Vermont Country Store and towns like Townshend, Putney, Jamaica, Londonderry, Newfane and Weston, this stop along the road just goes to prove that the journey can be just as nice as the destination!


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