Spaulding Gristmill waterfall in Townsend, Massachusetts

Gristmill Waterfall Scenery at Townsend Harbor in Townsend, Mass.

Unless it’s a destination like Niagara Falls, few travelers go long distances to see a waterfall.  The Spaulding Gristmill waterfall in Townsend, Mass., is one such example, but should not be missed if in the north central Massachusetts region.

Located in a quaint village-like neighborhood, the waterfall is part of Townsend Harbor along the Squannacook River. The wide waterfall offers a beautifully scenic local destination, wonderfully juxtaposed with the Spaulding Gristmill and hills in the distance.

A beautiful waterfall in Townsend, Massachusetts
A beautiful waterfall in Townsend, Mass.

Here at the Gristmill, grinding stones were once driven by a horizontal wheel powered by the mighty water force. The mill processed corn and grain grown by local farmers until closing in the 1920s. The mill is currently closed to the public while under repair, according to the Townsend Historical Society web site.

Things of the past often become treasures of the moment, and the waterfall and mill scene in Townsend are no exceptions. I could sit here all day!

Scenic waterfall at the old Spaulding Gristmill iste in in Townsend, Massachusetts.
Scenic waterfall at the old Spaulding Gristmill site in Townsend.

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