Prime rib roasting over the fireplace at the Salem Cross Inn restaurant in West Brookfield, Mass.

Prime Rib Roasting Over a Fireplace at the Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Mass.

The Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Mass., has always been ready for primetime as a classic historic  restaurant serving traditional New England fare. A major part of that primetime designation: the prime rib roasting over fireplaces for dining patrons to see.

There’s something so “New England” about prime rib roasting over a fireplace. The anticipation of your mouthwatering meal to come, the unmistakable aroma, and the crackling fireplace doing double duty to warm visitors during the colder seasons all makes for something memorable in a dining experience.

The fireplace roasting creates a prime rib that is our favorite in New England. The final dish offers a deep brown, crisp salty crust exterior with a medium-rare, juicy interior. Perfecto! Plus, there’s no evidence of any gray, overcooked meat, which can be seen way too often when ordering prime rib at New England restaurants.

While the prime rib takes on star attraction, just about everything else about the Salem Cross Inn is worth the drive, too. The quaint atmosphere, the delicious locally-sourced food and the overall grand dining experience make for a truly special New England travel dining out destination. You can read more about the Salem Cross Inn at VisitingNewEngland.

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