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The One-Of-A-Kind Lighthouse Depot in Wells, Maine

Saturday, August 28th, 2010
Lighthouse Depot photo, Wells, Maine

Lighthouse Depot, Wells, Maine (photo by Eric H.)

The Lighthouse Depot on Route 1 in Wells, Maine, has to be one of New England’s most unusual and beloved locally-owned stores.

It goes without saying, but the subject matter here is lighthouse gifts, including clothing, lamps, furnishings, rugs, books, prints, kitchen accessories, dinnerware and collectibles.

The best way to describe the feeling of browsing this packed-to-the-gills two-story building is that it’s almost like a combination of museum and souvenir shop. We have to chuckle every time we visit the Lighthouse Deport for its almost cartoon-like, overwhelming personality , but we’re also in love with this one-of-kind store that also happens to have a great lighthouse gift for virtually everyone.

The Lighthouse Depot
U.S. Route 1 North, 2178 Post Rd., Wells, Maine
Tel. 1-800-758-1444

Share With Us Your Favorite Locally-Owned New England Stores

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

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