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Wetherell’s Lawn and Garden Brings the Great Outdoors to Norton, Mass.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
Picture of Wetherell's Lawn and Garden, Norton MA

Wetherell's Lawn and Garden, Norton MA (photo by Eric)

The first impression upon entering Wetherell’s Lawn and Garden in Norton, Mass., is how right everything feels.

With a courteous  ”hello” from one employee,  a sincere handshake from another, a welcome from co-owner Bill McKinley and just about every lawn and landscaping care item and professional grade machine that matters, we felt that this is a definitely a place where expert landscapers to weekend beginners will feel right at home. It’s not one of those superstores that feels like an over sized labyrinth of items where panic sets in right away while you mutter, “Why didn’t I bring my GPS here to find my way around?!!!” Wetherell’s is more like a small town setting where you get to know everyone and everything, thus building a relationship with that given community. We loved right away this community of good folks selling outdoor lawn and landscaping items. It seems a perfect fit, too, with the small-town lifestyle of Norton. Small-town Norton is close to larger communities like Taunton, Mass., Attleboro, Mass., and Pawtucket, R.I., so the location for those looking for outdoor lawn and garden needs is ideal.

In its first week of operation, we noticed the steady stream of traffic with each person finding what they needed. The layout is outdoor home improvement heaven with some state-of-the art lawn equipment (including Troy-Bilt) at the forefront and a great, easy-to-find layout of necessities on the sides like bug spray, shovels, rakes, fertilizer, grass seed, etc. Wetherell’s also offers mower repairs and sells mower parts.

Bill and brother/co-owner Dan Lenoci will also offer highly-regarded Vermont Castings and Napolean wood stoves, as well as fireplace inserts. There’s a whole room set aside for this within the 4,000 square foot building.

What’s also nice about Wetherell’s is that you won’t find any of those hyperactive Barney Fife-type employees jumping on you the minute you enter the store and then following you, asking every other second, “Can I help you, huh, huh, can I help you?” We saw an innate respect for the customer — giving them space to explore the store and being right there if there was a need for help. We saw Bill in conversation with a customer about outdoor lawn needs and two other employees responding instantly to customers inquiries, walking with them to the items they needed. In other stores, we sometimes get that dreaded, “It’s over there,” response where you then proceed to walk all alone in an aisle the size of Norton.

What we found here is that good prices and customer service never go out-of-style. We haven’t found that combination everywhere — especially the good customer service — so it’s nice to know of a local place of this genre meeting those two critical customers needs. Yes, it’s nice that they have relevant, up-to-date inventory, but it’s equally nice appreciating the seemingly smaller things — like receiving lawn and grass tips!

Wetherell’s is named after the landowner, Hank Wetherell, a well-respected local figure

Some of the power equipment items for sale at Wetherell's (photo by Eric)

who served as Norton’s fire chief for 40 years (1930-1970) and lived to be 100-years-old (he died on Oct. 20, 2006). Nice that owners Bill and Dan kept the name to keep a Norton tradition going. We have a feeling Bill and Dan are starting a new tradition with this impressive local family-owned and operated store that definitely fills a need for the Norton area. To that we say, “Shop Local, Buy Local New England!”

Wetherells’ Lawn and Garden
27 South Worcester St.
Norton, MA
Tel. (508) 455-0042

How to get to Wetherell’s:

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