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10 Reasons to Love Google Business View Virtual Tours

Friday, March 7th, 2014

View Larger MapTour of The Harp, Boston MA. To start tour, place cursor over photo and move arrows to walk through the restaurant and bar!

Google Business View Virtual Tours is a brilliant concept for small businesses, bringing the popular Google Street View technology into businesses. I personally recommend it to small New England business owners as a “go-to” program for those serious about marketing their businesses and standing out from their competitors.

We share with you below 10 reasons why we, at VisitingNewEngland, feel that brick-and-mortar small business owners in the New England states of Connecticut, Maine , Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont should consider the Google Business View program…

1. The 360 degree interactive virtual tours bring customers right into your business — as if you physically were in the space. See example

2. Customers can get a feel for the personality of your business. The Inn at Tanglewood Hall in York Harbor, Maine, is a great example — you can see the unique flavor of this charming B&B before ever visiting. Come take a look.

3. The Google Business View Virtual Tours show next to your business listing on Google Maps. See example

4. Images from the Virtual Tour show on Google search results. Imagine standing out from your competitors on a search engine where the majority of people search for information. See example

5. The Google Business View Virtual Tours can easily be inserted onto any page of your web site or blog. See example

6. You can also embed your Google Business View Virtual Tour on social media like Google+ and Facebook. See example

7. The possibilities are endless for those wanting to engage their businesses online with customers. Google Business View tours aren’t just for retail, restaurants, hotels and travel attractions. Some other businesses genres we have see using Google Business View are hospitals, doctors, dentists and chiropractors offices, hair salons, car dealerships, colleges, gyms, non-profits including chambers of commerce, and wedding venues.

8. It is an affordable way to market your busines

9. You are actually seeing the real business, not just some selected stock photos that might not tell the whole story.

10. Google Trusted Photographers are quite skilled from a technical and creative standpoint with this amazing technology and work with you to get the right virtual tour. I have seen many different virtual tours and have not run into a bad one — they are all of tremendous quality, in my opinion.

I am so happy to report that, has formed an alliance with Google’s provider of Google Business View. It is something I truly believe in and am excited for small businesses that decide to utilize the technology.  You can learn more about Google Business View  and if interested, sign up on our Google Business View page — or sign up directly here.