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Bead Addiction Offers a Crafty Business in Walpole, Mass.

Friday, December 20th, 2013

The Bead Addiction in Walpole, Mass., elevates its beading supply store to an art form.

A few years back, owner Lydia May took an abandoned  2,000 sq. ft. South Walpole mill building space and turned it into a beautifully refurbished, clean family-friendly store where customers can find beads from around the world. Whether basic or high-end the store is jam-packed with beads, as well as offering bead tools, wire,  books and jewelry. This is a retail dream-come-true and must-visit destination for anyone interesting in beading.

May is an incredibly friendly business owner with a passion for, and expert knowledge, of beading and has taken the store beyond just selling beads by offering beading classes, kids birthday parties and ladies night events.

This is one of the only retail stores I know that has been virtually 100 percent embraced by customers — no complaints, just overwhelming positive responses. All the more reason, no doubt, to shop local, buy local in Walpole and all New England towns and cities!

Bead Addiction is located at  2000 Main St., Rt. 1A, in Walpole MA. Tel. (508) 660-7984

It’s Play Time in Arlington, Mass., for Arts and Crafts Supplies!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Article by Eric H.

The name Play Time emanates from this downtown Arlington, Mass., store’s original presence, over 50 years ago, as a toy store. It was a great one, packed with everything from the wildly-popular Electroshot Shooting Gallery to harder-to-find board games  like “Smess” (a variation of chess with the “ninnies and the “brains” battling it out for board domination).

The same can be said about Play Time’s shift to, exclusively, an arts and crafts and hobby store.  With two good-sized floors — also packed to the ceilings — you’ll find modern-day and hard-to-find arts and crafts supplies, models, party supplies, stationary, decorative, and holiday and gift ideas. Whether it’s scrapbooking supplies, candle-making or paper doll kits, or paints (four isles!), Play Time is a work of retail arts and crafts!

Play Time definitely has as much as the chain arts and crafts stores, plus the advantage of owner Carol’s warm personality and encyclopedic knowledge of the sometimes hard-to-navigate store merchandise. Her late dad ran the original toy store quite well, but with all due respect, Carol has enhanced this “Mom and Pop Store” landmark a notch above by simply improving her inventory and prioritizing customer relations through the years.

At Play Time, you’ll feel like a kid in a toy store –given the maze of items for sale here. Expect to spend at least an hour at this fantastic, locally-owned and operated arts and crafts store!

Play Time
283 Broadway
Arlington, MA 02474
Tel. (781) 648-3230