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New England Miracles and Acts of Generosity from Local Businesses

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Are  you a New England traveler that has experienced an incredible random act of kindness from a local New England business owner or employee?  Are you a locally-owned New England business that has made a difference in your community by giving back?

TELL US ABOUT IT, PLEASE, by sending us a descriptive, detailed email to !

The world is full of bad news, and we thought the impending beginning of the new year would be a good time to start spreading the good news. We love the hard-working “Main Street USA” local business owners that fight to help keep our economy alive, and we love it even better when meaningful relationships are built between the owner and customer.

Further rationale why we are starting this special series:

Like the rest of the country, times are tough in New England.

Communities are cash-strapped and people are losing their jobs, homes, life savings and, ultimately, their dignity. We often see a decline in services, but an increase in our overall monthly payments — including food and gas.

At, we will be starting what, hopefully, will be this inspirational section called “New England Miracles.” We will be featuring stories on local  ”Angels in the community” that have gone the extra mile to make a customer feel good or a community in need with no more of an application process of a handshake, trust or a belief in helping thy neighbor.

While we know that there are so many self-serving elements that have contributed to our country’s recession, we are only interested in reporting on the generous people that have a big heart, and some faith and resolve. People that believe in our Constitution, community, independence, strength and integrity.

New England travelers, customers and local business owners, we’d love to hear your stories. Please help spread the word and we might just have an encyclopedia-sized book of goodness in New England!  Wouldn’t that be so nice?