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Farm, Fence, Blanket of Snow in Walpole, Mass.

Farm, fence, blanket of snow in Walpole MA
North St. in Walpole 

Article and photo by Eric H.

Turn the corner from suburban Route 109 in Westwood, Mass., onto North St. in Walpole, and you've entered a completely different world.

Driving past Bubbling Brook Ice Cream and Restaurant in Westwood gives way to sprawling farm land complemented with a white fence and a hilly land in North Walpole. Initially the farm land looks like it has no end, and that's the thrill of this classic New England scene just 15 miles from Boston. As a Facebook friend commented, this scene looks "more like a scene from Fargo."

Of course all good rural scenes have to come to an end in suburbia, but there's really little drop off traveling about a mile down North St. Farms, horse stables, old homes with big yards, and more open land leading to the 365 acre publicly accessible Adams Farm further creates one of the most beautiful inland bucolic scenes within the Route 495 belt. So, after that requisite ice cream at Bubbling Brook, be sure not to miss this special New England scene!

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