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by Eric H., lifelong New Englander

Stockbridge, MA, in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, represents New England at its best. --small-town, Norman Rockwell comes to life, but with very little of the overly commercial by-products. The presence of an old-time market luncheonette, the feel of sitting on a rocking chair at the grand, old Red Lion Inn, the wide sidewalks and tree-lined streets, beautiful churches with tall white steeples and well-preserved Colonial homes in perfectly manicured neighborhoods are just a few of the things that make Stockbridge a great New England place to be. Touring the Red Lion Inn inside creates a mental note to definitely come back to stay -- this is the blueprint for what people perceive as a classic New England inn -- lots of wood, dim lighting, antiques, china, a reserved but friendly staff and a restaurant with lots of New England fare.

Stockbridge is like a living outdoor museum, with the fresh mountain air and toy-village look of the downtown and rural scenery making it that much better than a few rooms of artifacts. You can't get any more New England than this.

Much of the appeal of Stockbridge can be attributed to just being there. All it takes to become a fan of the town is to open your eyes and look around. You can feel the spirit and serenity in just one blink. I plan on blinking many more times in Stockbridge.

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