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The pumpkin patch at Jane and Paul's Farm in Norfolk, MA -- See article below photograph

"Orange" you glad for pumpkin patches?

Fall time is famous for leaf peeping, apple picking and scenic drives, but the thrill of picking a pumpkin in the patch ranks right up there

Article and photo by Eric H., lifelong New England resident (article posted on Oct. 1, 2007)

NORFOLK, MA, New England USA) -- We traveled to Jane and Paul's Farm in Norfolk, MA, to pick some apples, but ended up choosing a bumpy, dusty hayride to the pumpkin patch, instead. Little did we know that picking out a pumpkin in the field would become just as enjoyable as picking apples. Apple picking is, no doubt, a wonderful activity, but the scenic isolation, the sight of seeing so many healthy orange pumpkins, and enjoying the activity with just a few people -- instead of crowds of apple pickers -- had to be one of the most relaxing activities so far this fall. Our pumpkins were perfectly formed, consistently orange and around the just-right 16 to 18-pound weight. It felt great picking our own -- there's some more rewarding about the process of driving to a farm, enduring a bumpy hayride and building up a slight sweat en route to finding the best pumpkins than just going to the local supermarket and doing it the easy way.

Because Jane and Paul's Farm is tucked away in a part of rural southwest suburban Boston that isn't as well known for apple picking, the experience was that much better. It feels like you're arriving at a family's member house, not a tourist attraction. The indoor farm stand is small, but meaningful as only the highest quality vegetables and fruits make it to the displays. The adjoining home is modest and the farmland, while large, is not the size of some of those endless fields at farms charging outrageous prices. There's also a challenging corn maze (prepare for about 20 minutes here), an animal area with goats, chickens, bunnies, and a limited but high quality selection of flowers.

We love Jane and Paul's Farm. It is the simple, unassuming place we knew so well growing up before other New England apple orchards took the limelight by becoming "Hollywood."

Jane and Paul's Farm, 33 Fruit St,. Norfolk, MA 02056. Tel. (508) 528-0812.

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