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Scenes of New England Photo Gallery: Long Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine
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Long Sands Beach, Maine

Long Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine (photo by Eric H.)

by Eric H., lifelong New England native

Long Sands Beach in York Beach, Maine consists of about two miles of continuous sandy beach -- quite a feat for a state not known for extended beaches. As seen above, there are some rocky areas -- which Maine is famous for -- but for the most part, Long Sands Beach might just be one of New England's best family beaches.  Granted the water is always chilly in Maine, but you'll always find a spot here and celebrate with countless other families the joy of a New England summer by the ocean. It's the ultimate place for surfing the waves, playing ball, or taking a walk aloing the huge beach.  Across the street are excellent restaurants (Mamma Maria's, Sun and Surf), ice cream stands, and waterfront lodging.  You can really have the best of both worlds at Long Sands Beach: a pristine ocean beach with services and attractions for the whole family just a few steps away.

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