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Scenes of New England Photo Gallery: Scituate, MA
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Scituate, MA, at sunset

A coastal scene from quiet Scituate, MA,  located  20 miles south of Boston, MA  (photo by Eric H.)

by Eric H., lifelong New England native

Scituate is primarily a highly desirable South Shore suburb of Boston. The town center is lined with independently owned specialty shops with the harbor peaking behind the commercial district. Recreational opportunities abound here including swimming, boating and fishing. Scituate Lighthouse provides a rocky, scenic setting making it one of Massachusetts' more appealing lighthouses. The harbor is pure New England with a relaxing, picturesque view that ranks up there as one of the best scenic views in the region. It is every bit as nice as the best of Cape Cod, without ever going over the bridge to that famed New England vacation destination.

Sunsets in Scituate Harbor hold a special place in a New Englander's heart. The way the light reflects on the water offers residents and visitors one of those great moments that will always be remembered -- a feeling of tranquility and romance. Not every night affords these sunsets due to the unpredictable New England weather, but when it happens the moment is one to treasure.

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