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Travel Photo Essay of The Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA
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Mayflower Boat Photo, Plymouth, MA

Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA (photo by Eric H.) 

Article and photo by Eric H.

Plymouth, MA, is synonymous with the Pilgrims.  What better way to land in New England for your vacation than visit the town where it all began -- Plymouth, the first English settlement in America (1620)?  The Mayflower II, a stunning replica of the ship that landed the Pilgrims in America, is a great place to take in the Pilgrim history and culture with its costumed tour guides providing an educational and entertaining narrative of the "who, what, when, where, why and how," on the Mayflower. Scenically located at the downtown Plymouth coast and just across from the legendary Plymouth Rock at the pleasing 11-acre Pilgrim Memorial State Park, the Mayflower II is indeed a visual and historical delight for all ages. For more information on the Mayflower II and other Plymouth attractions, visit or our travel photo essay on Plymouth centering on the revived downtown district.

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