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Travel Photo Essay of Bad Boston Drivers!

Bad Boston drivers photo

Typical Boston driving scene (photo by Eric H.) 

Article and photo by Eric H.

We realize is a site about New England travel, but, too often, there are elements of our travels which just cannot avoid the widely-recognized bad Boston drivers. Consider this travel essay a public service and safety announcement "heads-up" on what you might be facing when in New England. For those who already know all about bad Boston drivers, we encourage you to view this article as a sad reminder of the road madness that permeate our otherwise wonderful New England villages, towns and cities.

With self-entitlement well intact, the typical bad Boston driver applies the meaning of "keep on driving" to the following road signs and signals: yield, stop, cross walk, red traffic light and merge. As you can see in the photo above, the bad Boston driver has no qualms about passing cars on the right (that's the car on the left of the picture) -- even though he might end up in the emergency lane, crashing into the telephone pole, or landing up on the sidewalk where walkers take their lives into their own hands. As you can also see, Boston drivers don't think of the potential consequences of poor driving -- look at how the impatient driver on the right and the aforementioned driver passing on the right (again, the driver on the left of the picture) don't realize the potential of sandwiching the driver in the middle.

We have seen drivers swear at the nice woman school crossing guard -- in front of elementary school kids -- for stopping traffic to allow students to the cross the street.  Another time, one driver actually was nice and signalled me to drive my car onto the main road from a sidestreet.  Because I waited too long -- a half a second -- he swore at me at the highest decibel level possible. This long delay in moving the car forward also has the same potential consequences once a light turns green.  You could have the driver in back of you sit on the horn, or even say more nasty things about your horrible driving skills.

Some people who live on our quiet side street travel at around 45 M.P.H. On the main route, many drivers try to race the school bus from the opposite direction on the narrow-two-lane road -- where much of one lane is occupied by drivers waiting to pick up their children.
Who wins?  The impatient driver, of course, as the bus driver can't take any chances!

Other tell tale signs of a bad Boston driver are straddling the boundry line between opposite moving traffic, and pulling ahead of moving traffic so you can "come out ahead." Usually this results in being only one-car ahead due to stand-still traffic, but you've made your crucial point -- "me first, I can do anything I want and you can't tell me what to do!"

So while people are texting, shaving, putting on make-up, falling in love with their mug of coffee and being generally preoccupied with their own greatness while driving, the rest of us try to do the right thing and drive responsibly. Driving responsibly, of course, to many Bostonians is an ancient folk legend believed to have occurred from a faraway land -- west of Route 290, about 45 miles outside Boston near Worcester. 
Maybe someday this ancient culture will migrate back east, allowing the good drivers of Boston to feel comfortable about leaving the house, en route to, say, buying a loaf of bread.  

They say most accidents occur five miles from home, so perhaps we should just move!
 This old joke always sounded absurd, but in the context of bad Boston drivers, it somehow makes a lot of sense!

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