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Photos of a Summer Like Day at Bird Park, Walpole, Mass.

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Pond at Bird Park, Walpole MA
The stillness of Bird Park on a summer like morning 

Article and photos by Eric H.
In all my New England travels, Bird Park in Walpole MA stands as one of the most pleasant experiences. While this beautiful park -- wonderfully mantained by The Trustees of Reservations -- is not located in a vacation town, the 89 acres of one-of-a-kind rolling parkland proves that all New England communities can look in their own backyards to find "the best of New England." Everytime I visit here, I am moved and feel deeply connected to the forest, open fields, grassy meadows, stone bridges and scenic ponds -- the solitude and scenery almost bely its southwest Boston suburban location.

Add a network of nicely paved walkways, a picnic area, a pavillion where entertainment takes place in the summer, a playground and basketball courts, and you have a free travel destination perfect for an a morning or afternoon!

On a recent summer like morning, here is what I experienced at Bird Park...

Stroll through Bird Park, Walpole MA
Bird Park, the perfect place for a walk

Entrance to Bird Park, Walpole MA
Entrance to Bird Park from the Washington Street side

Flowers blooming at Bird Park, Walpole MA
Flowers blooming and a little mist in the early morning air at Bird Park

Walk around the pond at Bird Park, Walpole MA
Pond, benches, paved walkway and, in the background, a stone bridge leading to forest.

Fog rising in the background Bird Park, Walpole MA
Fog lifting and a placid water scene

Bird Park is located on Washington Street in Walpole MA. Tel. (508) 669-6136.

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