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Exploring Dighton Rock State Park in Berkley, Mass.
"A Hidden Travel Gem Treasure That Goes Beyond Expectations"
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Dighton Rock State Park
Views of the Taunton River and Taunton Yacht Club in the distance at Dighton Rock State Park 

Article and photos by Eric H.

Upon entering Dighton Rock State Park in Berkley, Mass., the same old story starts to unravels: trees, tree, trees and nothing else.

Just as you are about to consider this southeastern Massachusetts excursion a dead-end lesson in traveling miles to see a park forest with little scenic diversity, the end of the road reveals the beginning of something unexpected: wonderful water views everywhere and an oddly-shaped tiny museum located at the river's edge.

The far-reaching panoramic scenes of the Taunton River and an on-site museum (open by appointment only) that houses an 11-ft. high glacial erratic with carvings (origin unknown but possibly Native Americans or Portuguese explorers) helps make the 85-acre Dighton Rock State Park a hidden travel gem surprise.

Grassy areas and shade provide a pleasing ambiance for picnics (picnic tables and grills dot the landscape) and as a scenic precursor to those marvelous water views -- including nice perspectives of the Taunton Yacht Club in Dighton on the other side. No need for much else here: just enjoy the peace and solitude of the park, the refreshing slightly salty air, a museum tour, perhaps some fishing or non-motorized boating, and definitely the happy scenic marriage between land and water. Just goes to show that when you just add water, things come to life!

Dighton Rock Museum, Berkley MA
The Dighton Rock Museum

Picnic table and water view at Dighton Rock State Park, Berkley MA
Picnic table and a view

Taunton River views at Dighton Rock State Park, Berkley MA
Sweeping views of the Taunton River

Admission is free. Dighton Rock State Park is open seven days a week -- located near Fall River on Bayview Rd., Berkley MA, just a few miles off Route 24 (Exit 10). For more info or to make a museum appointment, call (508) 644-5522.

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