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Photos of Newbury Street, Boston, Mass.
"A Little Bit of European Flavor in the Heart of Boston!"
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Photo of Newbury St., Boston MA
Casual dining on Newbury Street, Boston (photo by Eric H.)

Article and photo by Eric H.

Newbury St., in Boston, Mass., is associated with having an urban European neighborhood look. While I have never been to Europe, family members and friends have told me that the similarities between this Boston street and historic, retail sections of a European city are uncanny. The outdoor cafes, high end shops, boutiques and galleries that you often won't find in your basic cookie-cutter mall, some stores with a bit of upscale bohemia, indie book stores, myriad well-kept 19th century brownstone buildings as well as a "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" people-watching paradise lend Newbury Street this casual Euro vibe.

Located in the Back Bay area. Newbury St., this chic neighborhood is ideal for a stroll, window shopping, a casual outdoor patio meal (in the warm weather, of course), and as a Boston travel experience that you just won't find in many cities -- that is, a historically intact neighborhood that doesn't try too hard to wear its influences on its sleeves. Unlike those phony, modern developments that try to recreate something of the past, Newbury St. is the "real deal!"

Photo of Newbury St. shops and and Emmanuel Church, Newbury St., Boston
Photo of Newbury St. shops and Emmanuel Episcopal Church (photo by Eric H.)

Photo of Newbury Street brownstones and shops
Newbury Street brownstones house some upscale shops (photo by Eric H.)

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