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Two Ice Cream Spots in New England Chosen as “Best” by Food and Wine

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Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon, Mass. (photo by Eric)

I was happy to read that Food and Wine chose Anabelle’s Natural Ice Cream in Portsmouth, N.H., and Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar in Sharon, Mass., in its recent “Best Ice Cream Spots in the U.S.” article.

Both are indeed high quality ice cream destinations, with Anabelle’s located near the waterfront in a beautiful historic city and Crescent Ridge in a classic rural, farmland spot about 40 minutes southwest of Boston. Food and Wine recommended the Mint Summer Night’s Dream (mint chocolate ice cream with dark and white chocolate chunks) at Anabelle’s and Black Bear (red raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate raspberry truffles) at Crescent Ridge. I concur, having tried both, but I’d also like to add the toasted walnut fudge and ginger flavors from Crescent Ridge. They are both amazing!

While both places turn out leader-of-the-pack ice cream, neither charge a fortune for this traditionally affordable, delicious treat. So, you can stay in your budget without having to worry about those annoying “gourmet” prices that seem to infiltrate so many well made food and products these days!

We, at, have our favorite ice cream places, too, centering in one New England — log onto our Best of New England Ice Cream Spots — for additional perspectives on where to find great ice cream in our region. As you might have read in previous posts, ice cream is built into our DNA and we have always regarded it as a cheap, enjoyable travel staple when driving the main and back roads of New England!

Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar is located at 355 Bay Rd. in Sharon, Mass., (Tel. 800-660-2740) and Anabelle’s at 49 Ceres St. in Portsmouth, N.H. (Tel. 603-436-3400)

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