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Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show Schedule/Info

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The largest outdoor antiques show in the United States is located right here in New England! It’s called the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show (also known as the Brimfield Fair) and it traditionally runs for six day periods, Tuesday through Sunday, in May, July and September. For 2012, the July dates are 10-15 and September 4-9. In line with our cheap ways to travel theme here, most venues at the Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show do not charge an admission fee, and those that do are for a nominal cost — or they waive the fee later in the day.

More than 5,000 vendors in 21 different show venues — that means everything from fine antiques to garage sale items — line up for about a half mile on Route 20 in this sleepy, little New England town where the population jumps from about 5,000 people to more than a million people annually from all parts of the world when the shows take place! It’s an incredible site and an antique and collectible lovers dream!

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