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An Afternoon In Boston’s North End For Around $15.00

Pizzeria Regina Boston (photo by Eric H.)

If you like pizza, baked goods, historic sightseeing and a nice walk all for around $15.00, may we suggest Boston’s North End?

Famous as the Italian section of Boston, Mass. — and often referred to as  Boston’s “Little Italy” — the North End never ceases to amaze with its impressive number of Italian restaurants and bakeries, cultural events and attractions. Tourists flood the area, especially now when Saint Anthony is honored by the Italian-American community of the North End with the largest Italian street festival in New England. And although the North End is indeed known as a tourist attraction, we feel that this special neighborhood is just that — a great part of the city that residents love and enjoy.

All right, enough, already, of the detailed description of the North End — let’s get down to our money-saving idea. We recently shared a cheese pizza from the brick ovens at Pizzeria Regina at 11 Thatcher St.. in the North End for $7.99. That might not sound like such a special price, but since we suspect this 80-plus-year-old dining landmark might just serve the best Italian pizza in the world, the cost makes more sense.  With its delicious pizza, quick and friendly service , working class roots and unpretentious atmosphere, this bustling restaurant is a must-visit!

From Thatcher St., make your way to 193 Salem St. where you’ll find the Old North Church (officially know as the Christ Church in the City of Boston). The  Old North legacy began on April 18, 1775, when church sexton, Robert Newman, climbed the steeple and held up two lanterns as a signal from

Old North Church

The Old North Church (photo by Eric H.)

Paul Revere that the British were marching to Lexington and Concord by sea and not by land. Thus, the beginning of the American Revolution! The church is absolutely beautiful with its chandeliers from Old England, elegant box pews, high pillared ceilings and beautiful gardens outside. Please leave a $1.00 donation — this helps preserve the church at quite a nominal fee.

For the record: contrary to popular belief, Paul Revere did not belong to the Old North Church.  His only known connection to the Old North Church was as a teenager when he rang the church bells. Great idea to keep him busy and quelling his desire to stay indoors too much to play Wii. Just kidding.

From Salem St., make a beeline to 257 Hanover St., where you’ll find Modern Pastry. The minute you walk in, a smile will come to your face, as well as your mouth starting to water. Scan the small

Modern Pastry (photo by Eric H.)

storefront and you’ll see the most tempting cakes, pastries, torrone and chocolate, cookies and other Italian specialties. We bought three huge chocolate cupcakes for around $6.00. We can say that the cupcakes and the years past of devouring its amazing Italian cookies and cakes make this, for us, the ultimate Italian bakery.

Modern Pastry has been around for more than 70 years. Ironic, isn’t it?

After Modern Pastry, we suggest taking a walk around Hanover St. and all the surrounding streets where you’ll find plenty of shops, more bakeries, as well as historic attractions (some on the 2.5

Freedom Trail, like the Paul Revere House) and…

Delicious cupcakes at Modern Pastry (photo by Eric H.)

Christopher Columbus Park
North Square and its Historical Dominance
The Paul Revere House Museum
Three Catholic Churches: Sacred Heart, St. Leonard’s, St. Stephens
Paul Revere Mall (The Prado)
Hidden Oasis in the Neighborhood
Site of the 1919 Molasses Disaster
Copps Hill Burying Ground (Windmill Hill)

The North End Heritage Cultural Tour offers a great way to learn more about the above destinations.

For general information on the North End, we recommend checking out the North End Web Site.

We recommend you tour the unique, colorful North End neighborhoods (photo by Eric H.)

Here, you’ll find information on North End attractions, events, dining, lodging, shopping and living! Great site!

We hope you enjoyed our affordable North End idea. Please feel free to send in your ideas on how to be budget savvy when visiting the North End of Boston. Happy travels, here in New England!

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