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Going Back in Time at the Ye Olde Tavern in West Brookfield, Mass.

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Ye Olde Tavern pub, wedding reception site, West Brookfield MA
Ye Olde Tavern, West Brookfield, Mass. (photo by Eric)

Many New England businesses come and go. Then there’s the Ye Olde Tavern in West Brookfield, Mass., one of the oldest operating taverns in the United States.

Dating back to 1760 and located right off the beautiful West Brookfield town common, the Ye Olde Tavern (actually called the West Brookfield House until 1906) has hosted many famous guests looking for a good dose of New England hospitality through the years including George Washington, second U..S. President John Adams, Daniel Shays (the leader of Shay’s Rebellion) and Marquis de Lafayette. The Ye Olde Tavern’s location on Route 9 — for many years known as the Olde Bay Path — brought in many stagecoach goers between Albany, N.Y., and Boston, Mass., looking for a place to stay and good New England fare and drink.

Today, the Ye Olde Tavern specializes in wedding and receptions, as well as offering a nice pub open to the general public. The pub had become a bit worn several years ago, but a tremendous renovation — keeping in mind its original decor from the 1760s — brought the dining area back to life. It’s bright, cozy and quaint — really the ideal place to enjoy a juicy burger, nice cup or bowl of homemade soup, delicious wood fired pizza and a tasty brew. The friendly service extends that traditional welcoming spirit so well known as this historic landmark.

The Ye Olde Tavern is located at 7 East Main St. in West Brookfield MA. Tel. (508) 867-9709

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