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New Book Reveals Remarkable Town Commons in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Town Greens book. Click on picture to buy book.

Massachusetts Town Greens book. Click on picture to buy the book from

Buy Massachusetts Town Greens Book

Read the Only Book on Town Commons in Massachusetts

My first book, Massachusetts Town Greens, takes you on a journey to the best town commons in Massachusetts, and I can hardly wait for you to read it.

I created this one-of-a-kind book as a great traveling companion for US travel and history lovers, especially for those that love to discover New England. The book explores, in great detail, the history and current events at these remarkable town commons. Having experienced some amazing experiences at these town and city focal points, I share with you the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of these beautiful community gathering places. Consider this book your word-of-mouth resource for local town greens; these special places are New England’s original “top travel attractions!”
The 6X9, 256-page soft cover book fits well in the hands, thus making it an ideal traveling companion for those interested in U.S., northeast and New England travel, and for those interested in history. I wrote this book with a good heart, a journalist’s eye, a historian’s thirst for knowledge, and a traveler’s enthusiasm — hope you enjoy the stories told of these great town greens!

Where to Buy Massachusetts Town Greens

Before sharing with you a little bit more about “Massachusetts Town Greens,” I want to let you know the book is available at many booksellers including:
Rowman and Littlefield (Globe Pequot Press — publishers of Massachusetts Town Greens — is an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield. They have plenty of books in stock.)
Concord Bookshop

About the Book

The Public Garden at the Boston Common in Boston MA is located near some of Boston's most interesting streets
The Public Garden is located near some of Boston’s most interesting streets (photo by Eric)

Massachusetts still has and continues to celebrate its town and village greens. These greens date back to Colonial times where they served as the physical and spiritual centers for these early towns. Today many town greens continue to be the center of town events, fairs, and other gatherings.

“Massachusetts Town Greens” is the first book ever to explore the history of 70-plus remarkable Massachusetts greens and provide a guide to current events. I personally visited these Massachusetts town and city greens, took copious notes, interviewed local and state historians, historical societies and commissions, and many down-to-earth residents who shared perspectives on Massachusetts town greens. I also took my time at each town green to soak in the ambiance and history and take photos to give you a first-hand account of what it’s like to be at these beautiful town commons. By the way, towns greens are free to visit and enjoy!

Some Town Green Highlights Featured in “Massachusetts Town Greens”

The town green with a windmill is...
The town common with a windmill! (photo by Eric)

A small town with a big fall fair that has been going strong on the town green since 1856!

Based on a 1740 deed, a church — not the town — still owns this north central Massachusetts’ community town common.

Hollywood came to this central Massachusetts town to film a famous movie and, in the process, constructed a bandstand for the film. The bandstand remains a focal point, to this very day, of the town common!

On the morbid side, public hangings took place on a famous city common until 1817.

This seaside town features an authentic dutch windmill on its town green.

This village vanished in the 1930s, but you can still see the town common if you walk nearly two miles into the woods.

Famous landscaper Frederic James Olmsted was apparently also a flood remediation specialist — he saved this northern Massachusetts’ city common from ruin!

This “It’s a Wonderful Life” type of town saw its residents spending their own money to save a beloved part of their town green — a banker opened his bank one day and found a huge line waiting to give money!

About the Author
Eric Hurwitz, author of Best new England Diners.
Eric Hurwitz, author of Best new England Diners.

Eric Hurwitz writes straight from the heart on New England travel for his readers on A lifelong New Englander, Hurwitz has covered many aspects of New England travel since 2001 but with a particular interest in sharing hidden travel destinations with his audience. Hurwitz holds a bachelors degree in journalism from Suffolk University in Boston, Mass., and spent 20-plus years as a reporter, assistant editor, and public affairs specialist in the public and private sectors before starting his work of love,

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From Provincetown to Williamstown, these 70 town commons in Massachusetts reflect the beauty and history of the Bay State.

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