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And the Most Popular New England Budget Travel Articles are…

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Blue Hill Overlook October Sunset at Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine. Credit: NPS / Kristi Rugg
With scenes like this (Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park, Maine), it’s no wonder travelers read extensively on New England travel. Photo Credit: NPS / Kristi Rugg

Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason to what makes a travel article so popular. Ask 10  marketing experts and you’ll probably get 100 different opinions!

I recently looked over articles I wrote over the past year to find out which Thrifty New England Traveler posts collectively received the most shares, likes, tweets, Pinterest pins and other social media interactions, according to ShareThis social media buttons (as of April 2, 2016). I really have no formal SEO or social media training as I am just here to provide you with the most helpful information on New England budget travel, so it pleases me greatly — and with so much gratitude — that you have been reading my posts. Thank-you, there’s a lot more to come to help you travel New England on a budget!

Without further ado, the winners of the most popular New England budget travel articles on the Thrifty New England Traveler are…

15. 6 Easy Day Trips from Boston to Quaint Country, General Stores (715 social media interactions)
Everyone loves a good old fashioned country or general store, but if you’re from Boston it can a long drive to enjoy such places in Vermont and New Hampshire. Fortunately, there are a number of great country and general stores within a 90 minute drive of Boston. I found six that exemplify the authentic, genuine feel of classic New England country and general stores.

Grafton MA Country Store
Grafton Country Store, Grafton, Mass. (photo by Eric)

14. Traveling on a budget to Plymouth, Mass. (782 social media interactions)
Many make the pilgrimage to Plymouth every year from all parts of the world, and it always amazes me how much they spend when there are so many budget-friendly solutions in this beautiful seaside town known for its Pilgrim culture. Plymouth has some tremendous dining, shopping, lodging and attractions destinations that won’t break the bank. It’s really a great walking town, too, with appealing Main Street and scenic Plymouth Harbor running parallel with each other.

Plymouth Rock structure
The structure that houses the famous Plymouth Rock juxtaposed with the harbor (photo by Eric)

13. Steaming Tender in Palmer, Mass., Right on Track as a Great Railroad Station Restaurant (841 social media interactions)
I love restaurants that are housed in former railroad stations. Steaming Tender might just be the best of this genre in New England with its H.H. Richardson-designed building wonderfully restored, and a real commitment to fabulous American fare for lunch and dinner. It’s possible to dine here without paying too much, and the “fun factor” experience is off the charts.

Steaming Tender, Palmer MA
Steaming Tender restaurant, Palmer, Mass. (photo by Eric)

12. 5 Underrated but Fantastic Fall Foliage Destinations (975 social media interactions)
Too many fall New England destinations jack up the prices for this popular season, and that’s a shame as it keeps travelers on a budget from truly enjoying the foliage travel experience. Fortunately, you can visit New England during the fall without being victimized by those areas ripping off travelers sincerely interested in a New England fall foliage vacation.

Ocean Trail, Acadia National Park ME
Ocean Trail, Acadia National Park, Maine Credit: National Park Service – Greta Rybus

11. 10 Reasons to Love Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine (981 social media interactions)
Marginal Way is one of New England’s most popular coastal walks, and it’s free! The ocean views are spectacular, and the experience, ultimately, always memorable.

Marginal Way, Ogunquit, ME. Photo: Sarah Diment Bechmere Inn.
Marginal Way, Ogunquit, Maine. Photo: Sarah Diment Bechmere Inn.

10. Monastery in Wrentham, Mass., Sells Handmade Chocolates (991 social media interactions)
Virtually located in the middle of nowhere is the Mt. St. Abbey’s Monastery where nuns make chocolates at its candy making facility, and sell the delicious products at the onsite gift shop. The chocolates are reasonably priced, and the customer service and chocolates so sweet!

Handcrafted chocolates made by nuns in Wrentham MA
Trappistine chocolates from Mt. St. Abbey’s Monastery (photo by Eric)

9. Free and Inexpensive Museums in the Boston Area (1047 social media interactions)
We love museums, but often not the admission charges. We found several museums in the Boston area that do not charge admission, or offer tickets are a very low cost.


8. Hampton Beach, N.H. Offers Waves of Seaside Fun (1154 social media interactions)
Hampton Beach isn’t for everyone as the tacky factor can be a turnoff, but there’s no denying the beautiful, clean ocean beach and the myriad attractions, food, lodging and shopping options.

Image of Hampton Beach NH in the summer
Hampton Beach NH in the summer (photo by Eric)

7. 20 More Fun New England Fall Foliage Travel Ideas for 2015 (1162 social media interactions)
We could write about a million fun things to do during the New England fall foliage season, but listed 20 here that serve as a good head start. Something resonated with this article, as the shares piled up in a hurry. For example, you can never go wrong with apple cider donuts during the New England fall…

Cider Donuts, Volante Farms in Needham MA
Cider donuts from Volante Farms, Needham MA (photo, courtesy of Volante Farms)

6. The 3 Best New Hampshire Pancake Houses (2,493 social media interactions)
Going out to breakfast for pancakes is always a treat and these New Hampshire pancake houses don’t fall flat with hearty meals, low prices, and a touch of rustic New Hampshire ambiance.

Parker's Maple Barn, Mason, NH
Parker’s Maple Barn, Mason, N.H. (photo by Eric)

5. Hollis, N.H. Offers a Timeless New England Fall Travel Experience (2,691 social media interactions)
Hollis has always been a personal favorite New England fall destination because it is so unassuming, features farms with apple picking, a great fall festival, a wonderful town green, and a friendly vibe. Plus, it’s not too far from Boston!

The Hollis NH town common.
Hollis NH town common (photo by Eric)

4. 10 Free, Low Cost Things to Do in Rhode Island (3,047 social media interactions)
Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, but offers so many attractions — many of which can be done on a budget.

The Mr. Potato Head statue at the Hasbro toy company, Pawtucket RI
The Mr. Potato Head statue at the Hasbro toy company, Pawtucket RI (photo by Eric)

3. The Best Classic, Modern Diners in New England (6,171 social media interactions)
New England has its share of great diners, many of which are historic. The ultimate budget- friendly type of restaurant, these diners, for the most part, offers nice portions of delicious comfort foods and classic “Whaddya want, honey?” diner hospitality.

Wilson's Diner, Waltham MA
Wilson’s Diner, Waltham, Mass. (photo by Eric)

2. 9 Amazing Apple Picking Farms in new England for the 2015 Season (31,400 social media interactions)
Apple picking remains one of New England’s most popular fall activities as the chance to pick your own apples at locally-owned farms while enjoying some foliage and a crisp chill in the air makes for a true New England autumn experience.

Bags of apples from Brookfield Orchards (photo by Eric)
Bags of apples from Brookfield Orchards (photo by Eric)

1. 50 Fun New England Fall travel Ideas in New England for the Budget-Minded (185,000 social media interactions)
As mentioned before, New England in the fall stands as one of the most popular times to travel the six-state region. I never expected this post to go viral, but glad that it helped people with their fall trip planning. Expect an update on this post soon for the 2016 falls season.

Photo of Echo Lake, Franconia State Park, NH
Visiting refreshing and scenic Echo Lake at Franconia State Park, N.H. (photo by Eric)

Please feel free to comment on any of this in the comment box below. Thanks!

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