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Downtown Hanover, New Hampshire

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Stores and restaurants in downtown Hanover, New Hampshire
Downtown Hanover, N.H. (photo by Eric)

Your mobile, on-the-go travel summary of downtown Hanover, New Hampshire: Bill Bryson, in his book, “The Lost Continent,” wrote about Hanover as one of his favorite places in the United States.  Highly critical of many other United States towns and cities, Bryson felt differently about Hanover and became connected to the unpretentious, genuine feel of the town. He, in fact, enjoyed Hanover so much that he eventually moved there! It is easy to see why: the downtown is quaint with an old-fashioned Main Street, a big town common, and many mom and pop shops and restaurants with attractive signage. Contiguous with leafy Dartmouth College (an Ivy League college), the Hanover downtown district makes for a great walking town. Within close proximity to the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Sunapee and White Mountains regions of New Hampshire, Hanover might just be the nicest town in the area!

Why this downtown Hanover post is in the Visiting New England on a Budget blog: As mentioned, Hanover is a great walking town, and walking is free! It would be hard to find a better small-town downtown to stroll. Also, the downtown features some nice, low-cost restaurants like Lou’s and Everything But Anchovies, as well as retail stores like the great Dartmouth Book Store. Also, you can find cheap hotel deals in Hanover, New Hampshire in the area.

For more information on Hanover, log onto the Hanover NH Chamber of Commerce web site:

Hanover New Hampshire central district
Entering downtown Hanover, N.H. (photo by Eric)
Town common - Hanover New Hampshire
Hanover, N.H., town common and Dartmouth College building (photo by Eric)


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