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Scones That Stand on Their Own

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Scones to die for from the Ever So Humble Pie Company in East Walpole, MA. The scone pictured here is lemon raspberry.
Lemon Raspberry scones.

Many of us eat scones but sometimes wonder why we do that. Often, these baked goods come across as dry, hard as a hockey puck and beyond the taste of stale bread.

Not so with the Ever So Humble Pie Company’s version out of a storefront located in a former industrial building in East Walpole, Mass. These huge scones deliver a mouthwatering experience with flavorful filling that bursts out of the moist scone shell.  I have never seen and tasted anything like these and wonder why others have not figured out how to make this kind of scone.

Flavors include Blueberry Almond, Blueberry Pancake, Lemon Raspberry, Cranberry Orange, Triple Chocolate, Irish Soda Bread, Lemon Pistachio, Lemon Poppy Seed, Maple Walnut and Chocolate Chip. Personally, the Lemon Raspberry stands as my favorite — the natural flavors really come alive.

Suffice to say, I would put these scones far ahead of the pack! Many locals agree with me as the scones can easily sell out before noon. Amazingly, the scones don’t even get top billing as Ever So Humble Pie Company’s top specialties are, well, pies! The sweet and savory pies also happen to go way beyond the norm.

What a sweet overall experience!

Ever So Humble Pie Company, 153 Washington St., East Walpole, MA. Tel.  508-660-9731.

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