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This Chicken Salad is Unlike Any Other

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Chicken salad wrap with stuffing and cranberry sauce from Michael's Cafe and Deli in Wrentham,, Mass.
Chicken salad wrap with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Chicken salad remains a staple for sandwiches and wraps but rarely goes beyond the predictable.

Michael’s Deli and Cafe in Wrentham, Mass. has done something about that. Its Willow Tree Thanksgiving sandwich/wrap features a heaping portion of the famous locally-made chicken salad and adds homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce. Clearly a variation of what many food places create with turkey, the Willow Tree Thanksgiving sandwich possesses a unique, wonderful taste of its own. I never would have thought to put together these ingredients but they really work!

This hidden little storefront has been in business since 1994 and known for its old-fashioned sandwiches — nothing fancy but delivering “the goods” with the right kind of bread, generous servings and a personable staff led by Mike Lewicki. Michael’s also serves fantastic dinners like fish and chips, pot roast and, yes, turkey dinners, as well as offering locally-made baked goods. What a joy it is to come here — feeling welcomed and with an appetite to be fully satiated!

Michael’s Deli and Cafe is located at 305 Shears St., Wrentham MA. Tel. 508-384-1511

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