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Chasing Waterfalls – Destination: Westminster, Mass.

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Old Mill waterfall in Westminster, Mass.
Old Mill waterfall.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the food at the 1761 Old Mill Restaurant in Westminster, Mass but there’s just something about the waterfall out front that sticks in the forefront of my travel memories.

Many go chasing waterfalls that are big, bold and beyond the norm. I enjoy those type of waterfalls, too, but equally have a place in my heart for the smaller ones like at the Old Mill. Diminutive size waterfalls lend a certain intimacy and don’t require moving the eyes all over the place to see the height and width of the cascade. The whole waterfall at the Old Mill can be seen up close between two trees situated about seven feet from each other and less than a minute’s walk away from the main parking lot.

Easy view of the Old Mill Waterfall in Westminster, Mass.
Easy view of the Old Mill waterfall.

The Old Mill waterfall just doesn’t end with water rushing over the precipice. Ducks congregate, living on the edge but somehow avoiding the steep fall…

Ducks at the Old Mill at the Old Mill in Westminster, Mass.
Ducks at the Old Mill.

The long front porch beyond the waterfall yields a feeling that you’ve come home…

Front porch at the Old Mill in Westminster, Mass.
Front porch at the Old Mill.

An adjacent covered bridge evokes a vibe of landing in Vermont. The running brook takes a scene out of the White Mountains of New Hampshire scenic playbook…

Covered Bridge at the Old Mill, Westminster, Mass.
Covered bridge at the Old Mill.

Just beyond that waterfall but still in clear view resides the beautiful pond and rustic restaurant building…

Old Mill pond and restaurant in Westminster, Mass.
Old Mill pond and restaurant.

Ultimately, the Old Mill waterfall can stand on its own as a sight that satisfies the day trip aficionado but, then again, it would be a shame to end the day there. Beyond that waterfall and pond is also an outstanding restaurant that has served as a go-to New England dining out tradition for several generations.

I hope you enjoyed these waterfall scenes! Now it is time to find out what it’s like to dine out at the Old Mill right here:

Buy a framed canvas photo print of the Old Mill, taken by VisitingNewEngland publisher Eric Hurwitz

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