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Massachusetts Eats Facebook Group: Join the Food Discussions

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Join the Massachusetts Eats Facebook Group to discuss your favorite dishes and places to eat, locally.
If you love to talk about your favorite places to eat and the dishes, desserts and drinks you enjoy most locally, you can send a request to join the Massachusetts Eats Facebook Group at

I started Massachusetts Eats last month as a means to talk about, as a community, one of our favorite subjects: food! This is a great way to learn about places to eat that you might not have known about, or as a way to share with people what you recommend locally. The Group has taken off in spectacular fashion with hundreds of people viewing, liking and often joining in on the discussions

We post positive restaurant reviews, food photos, menus and specials and your own recipes, as well as giving shout-outs to local small businesses in the food industry. The latter is especially important to support the hard-working business owners and staff during these crazy pandemic times. Additionally, we welcome local restaurants to post about their own businesses. No snobbery here or pay for play: Out of the goodness our our hearts, we welcome such input as long as it is not spammy.

You can join the Facebook Group right here by requesting to become a member. Bob Appetit, the Massachusetts Eats way!

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