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Ocean Waves at Long Sands Beach – York Beach, Maine

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Ocean waves at Long Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine
Ocean waves at Long Sands Beach.

Something as simple as the rush of a mighty wave can be so mesmerizing and hypnotic. The ocean seems to draw us to these scenes like a magnet.

Long Sands Beach appeals to people in many ways. It could be the long stretch of sand, the rocky coast or even the places to stay and eat right across the street to make for the best of both worlds. To me, however, there’s nothing like an uncrowded version of Long Sands Beach and those ocean waves crashing to the shore.

Which wave will possess the greatest roar? Which will show promise but then fizzle out? Can the surfers withstand the force of that wave? When the weather warms, who will venture just beyond the sand to experience the energy of those waves? And who will just enjoy those views from the sand as if it was the most entertaining TV show on earth?

Green colored waves at Long Sands Beach in York Beach, Maine
Green colored waves at Long Sands Beach.

As you can see, I love the simple things in life as they often yield the most authentic, satisfying experiences. The vigor of the ocean waves has such a mighty impact on enjoying the sun, sand and sea at Long Sands Beach.

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