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Daybreak at Sohier Park – York Beach, Maine

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Many who choose to wake up early in York, Maine love taking in daybreak at Sohier Park. This coastal gem with free parking is best known as the home of beautiful Nubble Lighthouse. The sunrises at Nubble can be spectacular and I did create a post specifically for that scene (click the link in this sentence) but here, I will focus on the way the ocean, rocks and sky creates magic, courtesy of Mother Nature.

On this mid-September morning with a slight but perfectly pleasing pre-autumn chill in the air, the scene at Sohier Park yielded a mix of a creamy bluish/purple and orange sky. It almost didn’t look real. The sea’s silver accents and sparkling light playing off the rocks further created a scene that, well,… you just had to be there.

And that’s what this post is getting at: When in York Beach, try to make every effort to wake up early on a good weather day. You won’t be disappointed by the daily one-of-a-kind scenery at daybreak!

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